Interview - Mercenaries 2: World in Flames

If you played the original Mercenaries, you might recall it was a "brilliantly enjoyable all-action extravaganza of blockbuster proportions" where you got to "blow stuff up", "blow the living hell out of it" and "blow the living hell out of it some more". Developer Pandemic wasn't exactly shying away from appealing to gamers' basest instincts when it made one of 2005's more entertaining sandbox games, and the prospect of visiting another playground of destruction is certainly a tempting one.

And with the pre-release hype starting to crank up ahead of its pre-Christmas release on 360, PS3, PC and PS2, Eurogamer got to chat with Pandemic's Scott Warner, the lead designer on the EA-published title.

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tony4746d ago

what so great about this game? can someone tell me?

KoolMan4745d ago

first, if u are on foot, out of ammo, need a getaway or simply want support then call ur own delivery boy to birng anything u ask for, except pizza...other then that is like a grand theft auto but a bit better, is multiplayer and online....

Dr Pepper4745d ago

That whole scenario got real repetitive in Just Cause. That game wasn't very good, but it makes me worried about this now.