Does EA 'Get' the PSP?

PSP World writes:

"It is likely that some large publishers, spurned by high levels of piracy and relatively paltry sales figures, decided early on to shift development away from the handheld (EA is not alone in this - where is Activision in the top-ten sales list?) Sony itself became frustrated with poor performance of the machine in 2006, and pointed the finger partly at developers like EA, who were churning out quick and dirty ports of popular franchises without doing sufficient quality assurance. It is hard to sell a gaming device to consumers when most of its new releases are bad, expensive versions of titles that look and play better on consoles. "

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clinker3722d ago

EA hasn't done that well on the Wii either. But that's OK, because they make scads of money on the other systems. Some publishers are better at certain niches, and we can't expect them to dominate every single platform.

zerocrossing3722d ago

nicely put i agree with you, i may not be the biggest fan of EA but they know what theyre doing from a business standpoint i still think its a shame though we need more quality games on the PSP, oh well atleast we'll be getting MGS-PW soon cant wait for that one.

3722d ago