GTA IV Update Released

Rockstar has released a new title update for Grand Theft Auto IV, now available for download.

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KRONie3722d ago

picture is irrelevant

ThePostalDudeX3722d ago

Lets just hope it becomes relevant to the PC in the near future.

Blacktric3722d ago

It will become relevant to the PC soon. They're definitely going to release The Lost And Damned. After seeing achievements added to the PC version there's not doubt that it's coming. Hopefully TBoGT will be released soon after the release of TLAD...

3721d ago
Charmers3721d ago

The DLC is inevitable, it isn't just the achievements that have been added. There is a new commandline in the game called "-uninstall content" which apparently exists to "Uninstall GFWL GTA In-game content" Hm I wonder what they could possibly mean by GFWL GTA In-game content ?

il-mouzer3721d ago

dlc, hmm thanks god i've been playing it lately although it isn't as fun as SA was, I do much prefer the story and serious tone. one of the best stories in video games i've played recently.