EA "couldn't be happier" with Bioware

Examiner: During a recent conference call for the fiscal period that just passed, Frank D. Gibeau (President of EA Games Label) showered nothing but praises for the RPG developer.

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RememberThe3573722d ago

They even have the respect of their owners. I can't wait to get my hands on both Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2.

Lifendz3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

and I know Mass Effect 2 will be that ish. Hard to be upset with Bioware. great purchase by EA. Now give me a Road Rash made by Criteron games.

mastiffchild3722d ago

Indeed. I'm also sure EA are happy with Bioware's efforrt in dev'ing for the PS3. Will they also be as happy with Valve when it comes to the possibility of a PS3 version of Episode3, though? With versions of pretty much every HL episode on Sony platforms and Gabe's dislike for The Orange Box's port to PS3 I can see a little bit of an issue over that one! Lets hope it isn't a big stumbling block or even turns out to be what's holding it up already. It might make a litle sense of Valves continual bashing of the system AND it's gamers if that was the case and Valve didn't like the pressure coming from EA to make it so, no?

You know, maybe making DA truly multi was a sop to EA so that B/W didn't HAVE to make ME2 for PS3 right now, who knows? Thing is these relationships are complex and we are party to very few truths but EA being EA and liking money the way they do and also knowing what can be made from PS3 I can imagine how heated things could get with this kind of thing and it might be what's behind all the rumours we get about ME/PS3 and L4D2 PS3. Don't attack me as I'm just trying to link the tiny bits of info we get and make some sense of them all!

Anyway, I can see exactly why they're happy with Bioware about now.

skeletonss3722d ago

Time to wake up from your dream mastiff.

slayorofgods3722d ago

EA has a strong desire to make ALL their games multi platform. In the minds of EA executives supporting just one console is an old way of doing business. Bioware has been very positive about transitioning from being xbox exclusive developer to becoming a multi platform developer.

If you compare Bioware's attitude versus Valve's attitude you'd see that Bioware is a much more progressive unit.

raztad3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

I'm a PS3 only owner but I have a decent PC. I got ME and I can say game is pretty, pretty good. Good story, excellent combat and visuals are good enough. I understand why it got so much praise from xbox owners.

Bioware is an oustanding RPG producer, I'm glad thay are making PS3 games now. I'll get Dragon Age as soon as I'd finished with Demons Souls and Mass Effect.

@Feral bellow

I really doubt someone is realistically expecting a PS3 exclusive from BioWare.

Feral Gamer3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

Unfortunately, because EA now owns Bioware, if Bioware chose to make a PS3 exclusive RPG taking full advantage of the system, EA would probably want it to appear on 360 also. It's a double-edged sword and the reason I wish Bioware had stayed independent.

Xi3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

EA doesn't own Valve, EA is only their publisher, just like how id prior to being purchased by Bethesda used EA as a publisher, and why rage will also be published by EA.

Valve doesn't develop on the ps3 because the studio doesn't have the resources to develop a product good-enough to meet their expectations. They also don't want a repeat of the orange box fiasco, so until they have a team dedicated to the ps3 they wont develop for it.

Bioware is an awesome company, I hope to get an internship at the edmonton studio next year.

and at the disagree... just lol

slayorofgods3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

I think that there are some people on here today that would prefer you just to say "Valve doesn't develop for the PS3 because the PS3 sucks".

No appreciation for meaningful discussion apparently.

Nihilism3722d ago

we need to put the "valve hates sony" BS to rest. As Xi said, EA made the port as vavle didn't have a team that was experienced. Their name was tarnished by EA's laziness.

on topic:

bioware is the sex, kotor, mass effect, dragon age, baulders gate. They truly are the kings of western rpg. Not that square enix is exactly doing anything from their side of the world, "here's more ps1 to DS ports enjoy!"

sikbeta3722d ago

All above me, we are talking about Bioware right now, get over with the valve crap, I'll really want to play ME2 for PS3, anyone knows if it's Timed exclusive or just like Epic with GeOW, like a 2 games deal or something

RockmanII73722d ago

That's funny, I think that there are some people on here today that would prefer him just to say "Valve doesn't develop for the PS3 because they are fat and lazy".

slayorofgods3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

Fair point, I think we are seeing a lot of users that want to see both these types of comments.

But I will say this, I think this stems from Valves smack talking. PS3 users are pissed, and 360 owners are buying into valves excuses. I think Xi had a good point of what is really going on, but that still doesn't excuse Valve's attitude towards the PS3.

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Rio-Hustla-Inc3722d ago

Yes you can, put this damn game on PS3. You will be happy with the sales...............

Bnet3433722d ago

Bioware is RPG king, everyone should be happy with them. Go make KOTOR 3!

Christopher3722d ago

Already being done, it's just going to be an MMO.

As far as BioWare, for me they're one of the Golden Childs of game development. Ever since the Baldur's Gate time, they have not failed to deliver great storytelling and gaming in each of their games and I buy their games immediately. Heck, I own Dragon Age for the PC and the PS3, knowing I'd play the game multiple times because it's that good, and after playing about 40 hours so far, I've already started to plan how I'll spec my future warrior and mage heroes.

Seferoth753722d ago

Well technically the MMO is "The Old Republic.", so we could very well see another KOTOR since the new one is just going to be TOR.

Christopher3722d ago

From a business standpoint, the only reason I could see them doing another KotoR is to tie it in with the MMO. I highly doubt they'll want to take much Star Wars focus off of the MMO, though, considering they are now working on three well-to-do IPs.

mintaro3722d ago

Microsoft really should've gotten these guys when they had the chance...

Lifendz3722d ago

they have so much money yet they haven't purchased any major studios. They buy exclusivity of games but why not pick up the whole stuido responsible? Buying Bioware would've been great for them.

MS needs to build up their 1st and 2nd party devs. That way you don't just own the exclusive rights to a game that many didn't like (e.g. GTA4), but you own whatever they put out.

OtherWhiteMeat3722d ago

Maybe Microsoft is a little gun shy after buying Rare. Next to nothing back in there return.

bigrudowsky3722d ago

i still dont understand why ms didnt buy bioware nothing but great quality games from these guys. Oh well as long as ea lets them do what they want to do its all good

Christopher3722d ago

I'm not sure BioWare would have allowed Microsoft to buy them considering they have a very big history of putting their own hands into the development. BioWare is a company that already knows what it's doing and doesn't need someone trying to tell them how to do their job or how to implement gameplay. I'm very glad BioWare has been bought by someone who gives them the leeway, time, and money needed to continue to deliver great games.

Lifendz3722d ago

But what about Epic? They showed they could not only get the most of the 360 with Gears, but that they could produce a Halo like hit. Why not lock them up? I know it's more complicated than I'm making it out to be but you think it would've happened more with a company like MS.

QuackPot3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

..they didn't.

M$ was incredibly lucky to see Halo demoed at the Macworld Conferenc back in 1999 and subsequently bought Bungie a year later. We all know how that purchase turned out for them.

They won't be that lucky again mainly because there as now so many developers who have stepped up their game and producing great works in diverse genres.


I would have loved to see Halo1 on the Ps2.

Feral Gamer3722d ago

Halo 1 on PS2 wouldn't sold nearly as well. It's mainly an online game and the PS2 online wasn't all that good. Xbox had the unified online gaming environment at the time. Plus I think with the slower hardware in the PS2, Halo might not have looked as good as on the Xbox.

Just my thoughts.

Xi3722d ago

They create concepts then pitch them to developers to make the game. Just like tecmo is doing the new metroid other M, ms will do something similar with pgr and they'll hire an outside studio to develop it.

ElementX3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

All I can say is, LOL. That would've sucked!

It would've been so jaggy you couldn't tell a grunt from a ship.

Halo: Combat Evolved

Call of Duty 3 PS2:

QuackPot3722d ago


Yep, the xbox is more powerful but Santa Monica Studios showed what could be achieved if you know what you are doing with God of War. And had Bungie worked with Santa Monica Studios, Halo1 on the Ps2 would likely have been just as good as on the xbox - due to the skill/experience of the developer.

Also, third party developers like R*, Criterion, Ubi and Panademic didn't do too bad with GTA, Black/Burnout, splinter Cell/RB6 & Mercenaries on the Ps2. The differences between the xbox & Ps2 versions were not major or as bad as you would like us to believe.

No fun & crap gameplay is a reason not to buy a game NOT a few jaggies. Obviously, that's not the case for you E-X.

Tony P3722d ago

What difference would it have made to secure Bioware?

They already got an exclusive RPG in Mass Effect. I would have loved it if MS's mind was on securing WRPGs (the Xbox did that however unintentionally) while the Playstation brand got the JRPGs, but their head isn't there.

Currently, damn near all MS's in-house is either gone or restructured, and their biggest earners (Bungie) split at the start of this gen. What makes anyone think they'd have kept a noted developer of WRPGs around? Hell, they wouldn't even buy Mistwalker and they were actually interested in JRPGs for a time.

Too wrapped up in this third-party limited exclusivity thing imo.

PandemicPrawn03722d ago

If I was head of Microsoft Games Studios I would be kicking myself every day for not locking up Bioware.

I don't really know what MS's plan is for further developing their first party.

Studios like Mistwalker and ruffian would be great to add diversity to their exclusive line up.

Surely they have also looked long and hard at Epic.

Whats the hold up Microsoft?

Xi3722d ago

I think using the original halo is a bit of a misnomer for what the original xbox was capable of, specially comparing it to cod which was released like 4 years later.

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NicCageMYHero3722d ago happier with BioWare if they made KOTOR3...

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