Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble Review | The Portable Gamer

TPG writes: "Kenka Bancho will beat your ass and you will like it. Well, not really. It won't actually beat your ass, and it's not a difficult game to play, by any means. But you WILL like it. This is a fascinating game, full of odd touches (giant banana suit, anyone?) and incomprehensible Japanese cultural references that are JUST out of reach of my own experience, lending this whole game an air of surreality mixed with a little hyperreatlity. When's the last time you grabbed a pork dumpling (which functions as a health potion) from a mini mart and had the clerk bow to you when you purchase it? For me, the answer is never. Until now."

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starven3720d ago

Atlus sure has been turning out some badass games. We need more quality publishers like them!

squif3720d ago

Hell to the yeah. They are making video games fun again!

bgrundman3720d ago

With a name like that you better buy the game before they kick your ass!

wondroushippo3720d ago

And it's Atlus - they might actually go and kick your ass if you don't.

The Great Melon3720d ago

I remember voting for this name a long time ago when they were trying to figure out what to call it. Glad this title won. I always enjoy the games that Atlus brings over.

bgrundman3720d ago

I love the job that Altus has been doing localizing these previously release Japanese games.

wondroushippo3720d ago

It's pretty much Atlus' reason to exist - putting out cool games that we wouldn't play if they weren't around.

zerocrossing3720d ago

another great move from Atlas, just from the reveiw and pic you can tell its gunna be one bad ass game!