Call Of Duty Classic Coming To PS3 So Far

Playstation 3 users who have bought Call of Duty: Hardened Edition or above will be able to download their Call Of Duty game today. The Xbox 360 owners will have to wait.


You can now download the Xbox 360 version. It was able to be downloaded 1 hour after this article was sent for approval.

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D4RkNIKON3723d ago

Kick some dust up in their faces.

-Alpha3723d ago

Looks like you spoke too soon.

And why would you pleasure in such a petty thing as delighting in 360 owners having to wait? :|

callahan093723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

Hey, the PS3 version has a full trophy set with a platinum! The 360 version only has a 200-point, typical downloadable XBLA achievement set. I know which version I'm getting!

dkblackhawk503723d ago

If the trophies really do matter that much go ahead. But honestly, if you own consoles then you will have trouble deciding on which. It is all someones opinion.

dkblackhawk503723d ago

Even when PlayStation Network was down for a bit, it still managed to get it before Xbox Live.

RuPaul3723d ago

The 360 is too powerful to play gimped games like this.

dazzalfc3723d ago

.....but it played Superman Returns and Too Human :-/ Not to mention other drivel

Get a life

Anorexorcist3723d ago

Just wait until FFXIII comes out, and you will notice probably the GREATEST gimped game of all time!!!

If FFXIII stayed on PS3, it would most likely be the greatest RPG of all time!

dazzalfc3723d ago

....and now, rather hilariously, its available on the Xbox 360. Not that powerful afterall eh RuPaul

ReviewsArePolitics3723d ago

This idiot is the same idiot that has been spamming first posts in the open zone. You know, MGSR, OWNED, corywebb, pp, mooks, etc

ZombieAutopsy3723d ago

lol Rupaul ur not making the 360 look good by having a dragqueen supporting it.

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HOSe3723d ago

well, except for the fact that cod1 is most enjoyable 16 vs. 16, this is going to be awesome!

Alcon Caper3723d ago

oh no! what are 360 gamers gonna play now?!?!

Anorexorcist3723d ago

until Alan Wake arrives, which could be until 2015.

NaiNaiNai3723d ago

Yep because ps3 users are to stuck up to actually play MW2, they think killzone 2 is god. :P

Sitdown3723d ago

does all the 360 games disappear with this news?...if not, I am guessing they will continue to play the same games they have been playing, as well as new releases when they come.

Oh no! Witty 360 bashing is on the decline.

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The story is too old to be commented.