Netflix: Standard Feature of the Next Game Systems

This current gaming generation is coming to its midway point. By now gamers are comfortable with the hardware that's available and they're looking to the future for the next big thing. Developers are working hard to produce a game that can be considered the peak of this generation. So during this time the big conversation becomes "what's next in gaming?"

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RuPaul3724d ago

I guess since Sony is dropping out of the console buisness, after the POS3 flop, Microsoft will be having Netflix as a standard feature.

dazzalfc3724d ago

You know, you talk that much about the PS3 i actually think you feel personally threatened by it. Which is rather humorous, given its only made from plastic and bits of electrical items.

Its not hard to see that this isn't the first time you have been on this website, and i bet you've had plenty of accounts. And i just have to wonder why on earth you do it? You add zero to any discussion, you don't even go back to previous comments to argue or debate your points, you can't even back up any points you do make, and your always the first person to comment on every story, and its virtually the same comment in every news item. I mean, really, how boring must your life be if this is what you have to do to resort to 'entertainment'. At least 90% can discuss gaming in a decent manner, without being a coky pr!ck on teh internetz because its 'cool'.

If only you realised how uncool it actually is. Your just an immature, insecure, silly little prat who is desperate for attention. Pathetic, really is