Square: Final Fantasy XIII in the "last stage of development" for US and Europe

SCRAWL: "Square Enix global president Yoichi Wada has revealed today that development on Final Fantasy XIII has been "going very steadily" for the US ane European versions and that they're "just adding the final touches" to the game."

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zerocrossing3724d ago

it seems like that early 2010 release is looking that much more possible

3724d ago
Yarite3724d ago

April at the earliest, trust me.

Reibooi3724d ago

Would be awesome if they shocked the world and told us that it was coming this year however I HIGHLY doubt it will happen.

The announcement that's coming is more then likely going to be about the US and maybe even EU release date of the game. Personally I think it's gonna be shipping MUCH earlier then everyone seems to think. They say it's almost done and if it's done there is no reason to wait months to release it.

3724d ago
Noctis Aftermath3724d ago

So jan/feb release date confirmed?

Lucreto3724d ago

I am hoping on a world wide release in December because at the end of January there is Mass Effect 2 a few days later at the start of February is Bioshock 2 and SE have Star Ocean 4 International halfway through the month, SE won't compete with itself. Also WKC is released in February sometime. March is the next good date. December is good as well they can get the end of the Christmas sales and before everyone spends all their money in the mentioned titles.

zeeshan3724d ago

I have got a question and it's only for the PS3 owners. Which one are you looking forward to more? FF13 or Versus? I believe Versus looked fantastic and I am kinda looking forward to that a lot more than FF13. Anyway, this is good news for all FF fans regardless of the platform.

chaosatom3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

it's going to take them less than 4 months to localize from japan's release date?

Reibooi3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )


Right now I'm looking more forward to Final Fantasy XIII and there are a few reasons for that. Firstly is that it's coming very soon so it's not something I am gonna have to beat myself up over waiting for.

Secondly is that we know alot about Final Fantasy XIII. While the CG trailers for Versus XIII look incredible we have yet to see game play at all so even though we have been told what it's going to be like it's still hard to be mega excited about it when Final Fantasy XIII is right around the corner.

That said when all is said and done I do think Verses XIII will probably be the better of the two. But like I said Final Fantasy XIII is right around the corner so I'm looking forward to that more then Versus XIII at the moment.


SE was already doing localization for the game before it was ever even finished. How do you think they had English trailers and videos with English VO text and menus far before the game ever even had a Japanese release date. The only thing that really needs to be done for the vast Majority of Localization is the Voice over and text and the VO was being done as soon as the games script was finalized which was quite some time ago so now they are pretty much doing nothing but changing menus into English which won't take that long.

freeblue3724d ago

if MS is smart.. they will give Square everything they get to finish up and release on March. just to dilute out all God of War 3, and GT sales.

AAACE53724d ago

It would be a thing of beauty if we got it in january! But I still think it will hit closer to early march!

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Lucreto3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

I would die of happiness if it is a worldwide release in December. This game is my MW2

PS360WII3724d ago

Sameday worldwide release would be awesome but SE would never allow Japan not to get the big games first ;)

Cold 20003724d ago

Lol great way to put it, its an RPG gamers MW2!

CimmerianDrake3724d ago

I know you're probably genuinely excited and everything, but please don't mock and discredit Final Fantasy by associating it in any way with MW2. I mean, it really is an insult. I do understand that you likely didn't intend it that way, as you probably consider MW2 a good game, and even if you did I can see that SE deserves the insult. But the very minimal additions to MW2 in comparison to MW1, and the shaft that it represents, really makes any game being compared to it look bad.

On topic though, I don't trust anything Yoichi Wada says. So, I place no faith in any kind of release window for this game. This game has had an extended development period thanks to Wada's stupidity, so why get our hopes up?

Cold 20003724d ago

I think he was talking about the "hype" aspect rather than Modern Warfare 2 itself as a game.

Lucreto3724d ago

I was talking about the hype that MW2 has. I am not interested in it at all but this news for a release date has me so hyped it is like what I expect people have for MW2.

I will be bring the Phoenix Downs just incase for a big announcement. :)

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RuPaul3724d ago

it performs better on the 360! Great job S.E.!

3724d ago
skatezero2463724d ago

lol if you say so ... besides how are you going to play a great game with a broken system? (RROD)

dazzalfc3724d ago

I just wonder if its the same person with about 50 different accounts all the time. Either way, RuPaul fails in life

Aquarius3724d ago

what are you going to do when the errorbox scratches the game huh?

will you be thinking, "oh, I just wasted my money" like any normal human being?

3724d ago
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MajestieBeast3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

We could have had it this fall if it wasn't for the 360. With better graphics and Japanese voice overs. I will play some wkc before ff13 i guess i seriously hope this game is better then 12 and X-2 cause final fantasy has gone down hill fast.

kaveti66163724d ago

In other news, get over it. When you say, "we," who exactly are you referring to? Do you think you're part of a group? Is that the whole point of fanboyism? A feeling of belonging to some kind of club? I think I finally understand your kind. I also own a PS3, I would never refer to you as being in association with me. You make gamers look bad. You ever see the film, "The Fan"? You're acting like Robert De Niro's character. He was a psycho.

Godmars2903724d ago

This is just telling me that there wont be any refinements/improvements over the JP version as there usually is.

There'll probably still be an international version, but that'll be JP only.

Cold 20003724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

And you're telling us that you're just one butt hurt fanboy who will find something to whine about it NO MATTER how good the games is, NO MATTER what SE do or whatever.

Give it up already, in case u havent realised the "Boo hoo I hate FF13 trend has" has moved on to MW2 :)

i3eyond the Circle3724d ago

The overshadowing is just hurting them eh?

Godmars2903724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

Dude, being an actual fan of the series, not just a fanboy, I say again: putting out the JP version, cleaning it up while translating it for the West only the clean it up some more, add some stuff before a 2nd/3rd JP-only print run, is how they've been doing it since FFVII. If anything, everyone will see improvements through paid DLC. Which I guess will be better than having to buy a whole new version of the game.

@i3eyond the Circle:
What overshadowing? Who's getting overshadowed?

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