Hardgame2: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Review

From the (one of the most popular spanish websites) feature review: "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 far exceeds all expectations, taking a small step beyond what was seen at his first delivery. It is clear that Infinity Ward has caught him in size to the saga, and knows how to offer what the public demand by introducing the necessary dose of novelty, to show that there is no need to break a headache when you hand something that works very well . They believe in what they do, do it with intelligence, exploit their strengths and offer us a spectacle unmatched in the genre.

Modern Warfare 2 is emotion, drama, adrenaline, epic moments, but mostly it's fun, addictive fun".

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Cwalat3731d ago

After this overhype that is Modern Warfare 2 review scandal, i think i've lost any bit of trust that i had left for this industry's journalists/critics/gaming media. I spit on all their faces for being so obvious sellouts.

The game is 4 hours long, the multiplayer has been redefined to a more noob friendly audience, the story in the singleplayer is laughable, specops is the only good part of this game, game is more frantic than ever and the design is just the same as the game we got 2 years ago.

... even though it's fun to play this game online, hooooooooow the hell could anyone give this game a 9.5 when the game lacked so heavily in single player? Last time i checked, singleplayer campaigns are still a huge part of the game.