Insanely rare Atari game shows up on eBay, still sealed

The Music Machine is only one of 23 games to ever earn an AtariAge rarity rating of 10, or "unbelievably rare." A sealed copy was found in some boxes belonging to an old lady who used to own a Christian bookshop. As of this writing, the bidding is more than $3500.

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Lets-Game3729d ago

should wait 10+ more years then it really will become antic and worth much more.

Rofflecopter3729d ago

hah, it sold for over $5000! Ridiculous!

nycredude3729d ago

The buyer got jacked! Judging from the picture of the game (if it is indeed the actual picture) that shrink wrap is not the original shrink wrap. The seller re-wrapped this using a shrink wrap kit. Buyer got punked!

ThatArtGuy3729d ago

Atari Games were shrinked like that. It wasn't until the NES where they had the horizontal line on the back.

nycredude3729d ago

I hope so cause if not this guy got taken for a ride!

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