GameObserver: WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 Review

GameObserver writes: "The situation with our annual wrestling video games seems to mirror the wrestling scene in reality. Every year, Yukes, THQ and the Fed pump out their annual Smackdown vs. Raw title, rudely telling the fans what features they want to see implemented (like last year's tag team system, in spite of the WWE's general lack of tag teams). All the while, they ignore the existing flaws of the series and thus release a similar product year after year. Kind of like the weekly television and their rehashed feuds and excessive use of Hornswoggle. Keep in mind, Yukes has been working on this series for nine years, so that certain faults persist year after year is baffling. Meanwhile, the more trendy, fan-friendly UFC has come out of the gate swinging with a fantastic fighter in UFC Unleashed, on the first try. And from the same developer!"

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