Assassin´s Creed 2 - New screenshots

Ubisoft published some new screenshots from Assassin´s Creed II. Check them out.

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Cwalat3725d ago

I'm happy Sony chose Ubisoft when planning on spending their money on exclusive ad deals for the holidays season. Assassins Creed 2 smells like perfection in delivering a true experience.

Microsoft and Activision deserve eachother, since they share the same goal; delivering sh**ty products and take as much money from gamers pockets as they can. Modern Warfare 2... 4 hours long yet Activision didn't see that as an issue, nor did Microsoft. The most mindblowing thing, though, is that critics didn't see that as an issue either. Which made me believe that critics are what's destroying the industry.

Mandaspt3725d ago

Well they are two great games, but I think MW2 will have much more success than Assassin´s Creed II.

Dellis3725d ago

^They no choice, MS gave IW/MW2 an entire castle full of money

nan03725d ago

Gametrailers claimed that MW2 has the best graphics for a multiplat (Which is a joke) and that it competes with Uncharted 2 (even a bigger joke).

Well MW2's claim of that title should be taken away on the 17t when this game is released.