Edge: Modern Warfare 2 Review

So which game is Modern Warfare 2? Is it that mechanic-defining, comprehensively structured and plainly excellent shooter with the best multiplayer in the genre, or a game that entirely fetishes its subject while being mock-serious about it, with the best multiplayer in the genre? Edge is not sure it's either, or neither. Modern Warfare 2 is brilliant, and just a little bit dumb. It's an oxymoron. War games: they blow your mind.

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3720d ago
Venatus-Deus3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

Killzone2 turned out to be great.
Street Fighter4 surpassed all expectations
Infamous turned out to be very good.
BatmannAA turn out to be a wonderful surprise
Fonza3 turned out great
FIFA10 turn out to be the best yet
Demon Souls was another brilliant surprise
Uncharted turn out to be amazing
Modern Warfare turned out to be incredible

Now all we need is AC2 to live up to the hype and it’s been a perfect year.

Even after all this, at the moment 2010 looks even better on paper... !!!

pangitkqb3720d ago

docking points from other games for not meeting that expectation, and then doesn't treat MW2 to the same scrutiny. No wonder I have absolutely no faith in anything they say. Give me strength.

erathaol3720d ago

I actually expected Edge to be the only ones who stray from the pack and mark down MW2 for the things it didn't do right but I was wrong. I suppose their favor toward mainstream has begun to grow.

Lifendz3720d ago

This game is going to be a big hit.

NoBias3720d ago

You seem to be one of the most depressing members and biggest downers on this site.

thor3720d ago

But the pessamist in me tells me that those scores are only great as
- A marketing ploy
- Because they're being compared against everything else which might not be amazing

Maddens Raiders3720d ago

KILLZONE 2 7/10?

ok...goodbye Edge.

pangitkqb3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

Only sometimes, my friend. ;) I wouldn't ever try to stop you from enjoying MW2, or any other game. In fact, it is most certainly a well made game. I simply mean to express my disappointment that true originality, the risky kind, is just not awarded as often as I would hope. That and formulaic repetition is, in my opinion of course, overly rewarded.

With that in mind, game on and have fun!

Edit: And perhaps you are on to something. I will be a little more positive from now on. I'm not being sarcastic.

Panthers3720d ago

I would like to add Dead Space, Valkyria Chronicles, and Resistance to that list. There have been a lot of great surprises this generation. Cant wait to see what surprises us next!

Xulap3720d ago

Those games are amazing, yeah.
But I think he's talking about games released this year(2009) only.

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Why o why3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

but although im enjoying the **** outa this game where is the originality EDGE. Where is the originality you seem to long for for games off a specific console. You make no fricken sense. twats

*goes back to spec ops mode*


*raises glass to Venatus-Deus*, great year

360CommunityAbovePS33720d ago

Wow This game Comes Close To The best FPS Series aka Halo Series

Best Realistic Shooter Ever

DroidStation3rdPlace3720d ago


Best of Both worlds

Best Sci fi Shooter


Best Realistic Shooter

I love it

iron_sheik3720d ago

haha what a joke

MW2 killed all console fps except killzone 2

n4gno3720d ago

Killzone killed them both.

skill against arcade fps.

JonnyBigBoss3720d ago

Counter-Strike destroys Halo. Show some respect for the real king.

Noob3720d ago

And best realistic shooter? Gameplay wise, it's no where near realistic.

raztad3720d ago

It seems "reality" got AUTO - aiming. Probably new fresh tech used by the marines.

silvacrest3720d ago

LMAO @ "Best Realistic Shooter Ever"

yeah, no recoil is so realistic

BRG90003720d ago

Whenever you see Guy Who Capitalizes Every Word on one of his many accounts (which, you'll notice, are both 4 and 4.1), just add him to your ignore list and move on.

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theEnemy3720d ago

didn't see this coming ?

Great score, I hope It won't disappoint.

Ares84PS33720d ago

Trust me!! I only had 2 hours to play last night and was blown away.

raztad3720d ago

True be told, after ODST scoring 9/10 from EDGE I expected 10/10 for MW2. They love to lower their standards when game is not PS3 exclusive.

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The story is too old to be commented.