Uncharted 2 sells 600k in October, predicts EEDAR

EEDAR has released their current sales predictions for the month of October. Other releases include Borderlands and Brutal Legends numbers.

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Chet Faliszek 3603732d ago

LMAO ps3fanboys have to wait for them to flop completely Uncharted 2 and get reduced to bargain prices because no one buys them at launch ...

Elven63732d ago

This is only a prediction, it could have sold more or less, plus this is only US mind you.

Bumpmapping3732d ago

Hows those Flopza 3 sales coming along?

El_Colombiano3732d ago

Haha you bots scream sales as if you don't enjoy your exclusives...oh wait, there is nothing to enjoy in the Xbox.

ZBlacktt3731d ago

A flop is a 54% fail rate right? Then you go and buy it still. How's that make YOU look? Show me one single game on your failbox that can even hold a candle to UC2. Come on, lets see it? Yeah, though so. Now go play your second rate DVD no Wi-Fi red ring machine. Thx

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Keith Olbermann3732d ago

I'm sure it will have legs though out the holiday season. And yes...even better than MW2.

El_Colombiano3732d ago

Psssttt, just between you and I...(mw2 isn't the second coming of Jesus as these rampant tweens make it sound)

The_Devil_Hunter3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

Ik right...

Viva España
Viva Mexico

EDIT: BTW Keith agreed...Uncharted 2 best game this year, Period.

ThanatosDMC3732d ago

But since MW2 is multiplat we all ready know what BS they're gonna choose and try to justify it.

jjohan353732d ago

I just don't get why PS3 owners don't buy this game as much as other shooters.

wxer3732d ago

almost 1 million in one month

wow thats great

Maddens Raiders3732d ago

is the real GOTY no doubt. But what will the pop culture driven review sites pick??? I think we all know how that goes since IGN gave MW2 and UC2 the same graphical score LOLOLHAHAHA...
Naughty Dog just did it right... no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Viva Los Unidos Estados

Beast_Master3732d ago

Every site gives GOTY awards, which is why LBP and Fallout 3 have GOTY editions. I am sure most sites will give it to either MW2 or UC2, then there will be sprinkles of sites that give it to Borderlands, Dragon Age, Batman, Super Mario Wii, and AC2.

Milky3732d ago

MW2 just does not cut it no matter what the critics say. 600k in America alone in 2 weeks is amazing.

sikbeta3732d ago

shhh!!!! don't say it louder....oh wait a minute this is obvious we don't even need to keep as a secret -_-


jjohan353732d ago

Dude you guys, I'm not dissing Uncharted 2. My original statement implies that I think it should sell up to 10 million copies instead of Modern Warfare 1.5.

Saigon3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

in 3 weeks is not bad just for NA...with the real numbers being finalized on Thursday this game has already hit the platnium mark with world wide numbers included...

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Shane Kim3732d ago

I predict around 1.5-2 million sales so far vs 500k Flopza sales.

tawak3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

with dics 1 and dics 2 stop.... "please insert dics 2" =)

piramides303732d ago

It deserves a lot of more.

Ares84PS33732d ago

This game deserves more attention than MW2. Even though I love MW2 and think it's a great game Uncharted 2 is a waaaaaaaaay better game.

Darkstorn3732d ago

But remember that UC2 came out on October 13th. It sold 600k in just over two weeks, which is very good for a PS3 exclusive.

thedisagreefairy3732d ago

this sold a million in two weeks?

Ju3732d ago

600K US only. Should be around 1.5M by now, globally.

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The story is too old to be commented.