RuneScape new update announced by Jagex Games Studio

Jagex Games Studio is excited to announce the latest update to RuneScape, the World?s most popular free MMO: Champions Challenge Update and News Hairstyles (

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zerocrossing3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

you have to admit RuneScape has come leaps and bounds since its original release, seing it now some would barely know its the same game, im a little MMO'd out right now but anyone interestid in a fun free MMO should definatly check this one out.

bozebo3722d ago

runescape is dire in need of a FAR better upgrade than that :/

game stopped being good when all the freetards started playing it

W-k3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

haven't played this in ages got a membership once long time ago when my friends and i use to play it.. seems like years, its changed a lot seance i was on last my account still works haha man i remember have friends at school that where addicted to this game and that's mostly what they would talk about.but i got a ps3 now and rarely play any games on the pc but dungeon keeper 2(old yet awesome game) and some others just cant be bothered to use a mouse and key bored and my screen sucks much rather play console games on my 52" no disrespect to pc gamers its just what i like.