Modern Warfare 2 Biggest Game Ever?

Call of Duty launched last night in a blaze of glory, with fans waiting in line for hours to get hold of their copy. Analysts predict the game will break all sorts of records. Liam believes this the game will do well, it's just a case of waiting to see how well!

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wxer3721d ago

with all the PC gamers hate

nope its not
its just hyped as f*ck

Serjikal_Strike3721d ago

will not keep this from being the biggest game this will sell very well...just wait and see!

wxer3721d ago

yah but not on PC on consoles thats for sure

Caffo013720d ago

here we go...if it sell well does it mean it's the biggest game of the year? is identical to Call of Duty 4 (a 2 years old game)..too bad the reviewers have double standards and don't count originality this time!

Cwalat3720d ago


"shortest game ever"

Can't believe such a big mistake got overlooked by so many, guess the overhype blinded them.

deadreckoning6663720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

Proly yeah, ive never seen people go this crazy over a game before. Halo 3 came close but this is just on another level because its a MULTIPLAT.

"shortest game ever"

It's all about MP, thats all I'm gunna say. That's the popular flaw haters love to use, but they don't mention the fact that 90% of people out there buy Modern Warfare 2 for the multiplayer. LOL, this game wulda sold buttloads with or without SP....FACT

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OGharryjoysticks3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

What's up guys, I'm back at least for a moment from playing this since about 10:30 this morning. I've read a few reviews and although I'm not about to break things down and give my own numerical score I will say the last game was much much better. I understand gamers cream over this because it's the equivalent of an arcade FPS. Sure it's fast and fun, but let's be honest. The graphics aren't as good as RE5. The gameplay is still the same as the original (and if you bought the HE and downloaded the Classic original you can refresh your memory). Honestly I'd give the game an 8 but I wasn't going to give a score. I'm not trying to be a but seriously...all the characters are just as generic as Killzone, but somehow believe it or not Killzone actually had a better story. Not to mention it was a lot longer as well.

Sevir043720d ago

I'll skip this game, especially now that i've gotten into the Bad Company 2 beta!!!! LOL!!! cant wait to hope in next week.

ZBlacktt3720d ago

Biggest game? How about shortest game, lol. All my friends are like oh wow, it's over? Avg 5 hours.... So $60 and a 2 year wait for 5 hours of SP. Just wow, now it is truly a map pack upgrade. Biggest hype is more like it. Then I'm seeing more and more how they say this one is way to fast paced run and gun playing online. They like COD4 more....