GameOn: Ju-on -The Grudge Review

Ju-on – The Grudge is a series loved by Japanese movie fans, and recently more widespread thanks to the lacklustre American versions. This has culminated in Feelplus giving us Ju-on – The Grudge, which proudly dubs itself as a 'Fright Simulator' on its cover art. The question is, does it hold true to its claim?

The story behind the movies is that when a person dies in a violent way and with a powerful grudge, they will stay behind in the form of a spirit and haunt and kill anyone who visits the premises where they died. In the Grudge's case, this is the Saeki household in Nerima, Japan. The game follows the story of Erika Yamada and her family – beginning with Erika's encounter with the evil antagonists – with you taking control of different family members to try and rid yourself of the terrible curse.

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