GDN: Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time Review

GDN: Aside from me thinking 'oh look another Ratchet & Clank!' the first thing I thought when I saw the game was, 'Gee, Ratchet sure is quiet.' Perhaps my memory is failing me but I seem to remember a more lively, spirited and wisecracking Ratchet in the past. It seems that the passage of time has certainly taken its toll on his personality.

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DK_Kithuni_713720d ago

It's such a shame. Rantchet & Clank is pure quality.

coolfool3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

Did this guy really just mark it down for having no multi-player? It's not a multiplayer game so why does it HAVE to have one?

Also, the score is epic, the voice acting and sounds effects top notch.
The graphics are amazing. The sheer smooth flowing animations and pixar style characters are truly awesome. Both of these categories alone are at least a nine for me.

The reviewer is an arse.

rmedtx8883720d ago

I'm playing the game right now and there is no way this game deserves less than 8.5. It's a great game. The reviewer probably is not into this type of games.