$10 Street Fighter II coming to Xbox Live August 2

As expected, Street Fighter II' Hyper Fighting will be pricier than its brethren, weighing in at 800 Marketplace points, or around $10. Cloning Clyde will bear the same price point, most likely due to the fact that it is a brand-new title.

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omansteveo6286d ago

Right on! Theres gonna be some heated battles on this game

MissAubrey6286d ago

When you can get Capcom Classics with 22 arcade perfect games fo 20 bucks.


This Week in Gaming History: The early fighting games

As we celebrate Street Fighter II's 25th birthday, we look back at the fighting games that paved the way.

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Top 10 Early Xbox 360 Live Arcade Games

Revisiting the dawn of downloadables. Xbox 360 changed the way console gamers get their fix by introducing Xbox Live Arcade games to the mainstream. Sure, the original Xbox had a rudimentary online store that was launched via a mail-order disc, but Xbox 360 made it easy by integrating a Marketplace into the user interface. Believe it or not, its decade anniversary is this year and I made this list to celebrate.

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Fighting Games: Looking Through Black Eyes

Fighting games are a pinnacle of competitive video gaming. Two combatants, squaring off in the virtual world, dueling it out for ultimate supremacy. Fast paced, heart pounding action as concentration between two players is visible to everyone around. Why are games like this so intense? The competitive nature of a fighting game is one of a kind. There have been all different kinds and variations of them around, and everyone has their favorites.

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Deadpool6163450d ago

This guy loves fighting games. As do I.

ForNgoods3450d ago

Wonder why they said tekken was the first 3d fighter. Could have sworn I've seen virtual fighter in an arcade way before tekken entered the scene.