Loot Ninja Impressions: Netflix (PS3)

Loot Ninja: I have both next-gen consoles, some of you out there don't. All in all the movie and TV show selection is the same, the menu on the 360 is faster, but the picture I feel is better on the PS3 with a few video setting tweaks. If you don't have Netflix, do yourself a favor and get it now. Not now. NOW! Do it. C'mon, do it! You'll have to put up with switching discs for a few months with the PS3, but you can't go wrong with this service. Just know that things will get much better when they go to an embedded XMB option for the PS3. You'll thank me later after you take in all of the majestic beauty of Beavers: IMAX. It's not what I expected being called Beavers, but it's still informative. Damn those little buggers can bite off some wood.

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