Dragon Age's Striking Similarities To Final Fantasy XII

PSX Extreme: Those who come here regularly know I've really fallen in love with Dragon Age: Origins, which is especially great because I was starting to think my age-old love of RPGs had disappeared. After all, the last RPG - outside of Lost Odyssey - that really attached itself to me was Final Fantasy XII.

Being a massive FF fan, I play all FFs and usually do everything there is to do in every installment. But there was a time I did that with most all RPGs; I'd play them almost exclusively during the PS1 days and while my tastes expanded in the PS2 generation, role-playing was still my favorite genre. And in FFXII, I spent a good 100 hours and even took down Yaizmat. ...but since then, the RPGs that really "got" me, so-to-speak, have been few and far between; I know Demon's Souls was stellar but that just wasn't my thing, and I've never liked the ones like Oblivion and Fallout 3. So Dragon Age: Origins comes along and in five days, I realize I've spent 18 hours playing it and I have difficulty putting the controller down. On Saturday, I stood up after a 5-hour gaming session (the absolute longest in years) and said, "man, haven't done that since FFXII." And hit me. I was playing FFXII...only in a Dungeons & Dragons environment.

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