AppShouter Review: LineUp

AppShouter writes: "I recently discovered LabPixies free version of LineUp and although I read the description of the game, I didn't expect it to be as addicting as it actually is. There is something about simplistic games with a specific purpose that just keep me going. I have discovered that a game of LineUp can last anywhere from a minute to a whole lot longer – depending on your skill level.

LineUp is a great, fun game with a simple objective – click on blocks of color to eliminate. The catch is to not use up your 100 taps in each speed cycle. Sounds easy enough, but you would be surprised how quickly you can use 100 taps before you reach the 1000 point speed cycle. Here I am, tapping away, and all of the sudden "game over" pops up because my tap-happy fingers went over the limit. Luckily the "play again" option also pops up and the cycle repeats."

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