The Classism of Gamers

Kombo: I recently went to a game store that shall remain nameless to check out a few things and maybe put down a couple of preorders. I have really gotten out of the habit of preordering, but the games in question come out during the holiday shopping season and are inordinately hot titles. I'll get to that later. Unfortunately, what should have been a simple pleasant experience was marred by the employee's behavior toward me, specifically regarding my taste in gaming. The conversation started off well enough with the employee asking me, "What kind of games do you play, Man?" It was when I gave him the answer that his attitude toward me changed from fellow gamer to a sort of woeful disdain.

What did I say to the fellow you ask? I told him that I had a Wii and a PC and that Wii was my primary system of choice. He looked like I just told him I ran over his dog.

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