Eurogamer: Band Hero Review

Eurogamer: If you're still wondering what Band Hero actually is - and I certainly was until about two months ago, when Activision started giving demonstrations - it's a pop-centric, family-friendly reskin of the excellent Guitar Hero 5. It's presumably been given a different name so that it doesn't encroach upon GH5's already-vast audience, or the image of the brand, because it's a bit like an evil twin - it's got all the features and all the technical quality of its sibling, but none of the soul.

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coolfool3731d ago

5 guitar hero's
DJ Hero
Band Hero

Enough please! Sorry to the fans out there but I can't stand these over priced (because of the peripherals) over simplified games. I had a go and it held my attention for about 5 minutes and then I was bored.

Play real instruments people, I promise you that they are far more rewarding!