EA going cold on new IP

Commitment to innovation is cast to the wind as big question marks hang over Mirror's Edge.

Rapidly changing publisher EA has revealed that as well as shedding a huge 1,500 jobs, the company has also ditched a dozen announced projects to focus on its established and successful franchises.

The admission flies in the face of statements made by CEO John Riccitiello earlier this year where the outspoken exec claimed that EA had previously been too reliant on licenses and franchises and intended in future to focus on create its own new IP.

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Venatus-Deus3722d ago

I really liked Mirrors Edge.

mastiffchild3722d ago

And so it begins.. And so soon as well.

Thinking about it why would EA NOT notice what's been going on with Activision and IW over MW2? I doubt the way they played the gaming community off against itself on the way to squeezing EVEN more cash out of everyone was lost on them-they probably feel they can learn from it and even improve the model. Going back to the bad old days of supporting only known, stale(in some cases) franchises is an obvious first step, imo.

Had we stood up to the things that were clearly wrong about the MW2 release would EA feel so safe in going this way? IDK but they might have thought about it at least.

We've been rolled over a few times this gen by the industry realising what a factional and divided group gamers are these days. Console gamers(who also have their own in fighting) don't care about PC gamers and PC gamers don't care about console gamers-and if we don't care why on earth would a publisher as big as EA? They only understand profit and loss and we need to sort ourselves out if we want devent online support, decent pricing and a decent variety of gaming in the future.

IMO, we'll reap exactly what we sow in this respect and a divided community is an easily cowed one too. It's one of the things that really depresses me about gamers these days. We can be so short sighted, so concentrated on the next big release that we don't see the bigger picture or even care if we do-even though it's us who'll pay both literally and metaphorically. Give 'em an inch....

SpoonyRedMage3722d ago

I disagree there. EA made a lot of new IPs and took risks with Dead Space, Mirrors Edge, Brutal Legend and other titles but none of them were particularily successful and they've lost quite a bit of money on them but there older franchises like Need for Speed have done well.

They can't keep losing money, and this makes sense. It is a pity though but it's ultimately gamer's faults for not supporting the new EA with the way it counts, by buying their games.

I honestly doubt that MW2 has anything to do with it.