Graphics: Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vs Modern Warfare 2

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Hellsvacancy4828d ago

I dont need images or videos 2 tell me that Bad Company 2 is gonna better

Zedux4828d ago

PS3 is the leading console for BF2 so definitely it's gonna have much better graphics and physics than MW2!

The Creep4828d ago

MW2 is in 60 fps and bad company is in 30 fps

bad company looks better in screenshots

MW2 looks better in motion

Pandamobile4828d ago

Jesus christ. It's BFBC2, or BC2. Not BF2. BF2 came out 4 years ago.

Maddens Raiders4828d ago (Edited 4828d ago )

"PS3 is the leading console for BF2 so definitely it's gonna have a worse IGN review score than MW2"

I am definitely buying this game for all the extras that MW2 doesn't have.

edit:/So, creep I take it you've already played BFBC2 huh? >_>

The Creep4828d ago

its not rocket science, in motion 60 fps is always going to be better than 30 fps

HOWEVER i never said the game play will be better

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napoleon_ist4828d ago (Edited 4828d ago )

BF:BC2 is 1280x720 without Anti Aliasing (no AA)
MW2 is 1024x600 with Anti Aliasing (2xMSAA)

facts not opinion.

EDIT:you can't disagree facts fanboy! do you really believe the current gen consoles output 5120x2880 pictures like those bullshots of yours?! :)

Pandamobile4828d ago

They're PC screenshots, dipshit.

napoleon_ist4828d ago (Edited 4828d ago )

BF:BC2 real size (1280x720)

MW2 real size (1024x600)

borgome4828d ago

Picking this sh!t up today, Wooooooo!!!! Pumped!!!!

Anybody who isn't picking this up today, suffer being a CHEAP retard.