Bad Company 2 PC Gets A "Little Bit More" (And Beta Confirmed)

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 developer DICE has assured fans that the PC version of the game will be tailored to the platform and will offer PC users a "little bit more."

The developer also confirmed a PC beta will be going ahead.

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Zedux3722d ago

as long as my ps3 version plays like ps3 exclusives quality EA can give the pc version in golden cases to pc gamers I don't mind a bit!

yippie1234y3722d ago

..its only fair and definitely appetiated by the customers.

this is a good opportunity to gain a bigger fan base as a company if ea really exploits how much negativity activision is receiving. if they announce dedicated servers after what infinity ward did... they will be the fan favorite.

AndyA3722d ago

DICE has already confirmed dedicated servers for Bad Company 2, IIRC.

Noctis Aftermath3722d ago

yeah a DICE employee announced in on twitter.

yippie1234y3722d ago

well then that makes them look good compared to IW

Trebius3722d ago

They're doing everything Activision/IW didnt...

Like, making a GOOD game instead of copy/pasting their last game.
Making sure the servers wont be an issue.
And making the online a lot more tangible than MW2's same shlt.

Bnet3433722d ago

I didn't even know they were making a BC2 for PC. Hell yes.

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Dorjan3722d ago

official modding tools? nice

Lord_Ranos3722d ago

Thats good to hear. We PS3 and PC gamers are gonna have a blast at the BBC2 Beta. While the BOTS will be left playing with Call of Noobs 2 Modern Noobfare.

sak5003722d ago

I want mod of BF:vietnam for BC2.

toaster3722d ago

That's like, my wet dreams. Not really, but that would be really awesome.

Every time news comes out for this game it just gets better and better.
Theres no doubt BFBC2 will win over the PC crowd.

QUNE3722d ago

I really enjoyed BF- Vietnam on PC back in the day even though it didn't get a great reception.
I'd like to see it come back again.

Noctis Aftermath3722d ago

BF vietnam was pretty good imo, i enjoyed 1942 more though, mainly cause of the desert combat mod.

bozebo3722d ago

they are doing this to annoy IW lol.
this will sell more on PC than mw2

FwanK3722d ago

DICE is the Nemesis of Infinity Ward

catguykyou3722d ago

Prob wont sell more but will be played more. Pirates will eat that game up.

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The story is too old to be commented.