Netflix on the PS3 Available Now

Steve Swasey, VP of Netflix Corporate Communications writes: "Great news for everyone who wants to instantly watch movies and TV episodes via your PS3: it's available now! If you've requested a Netflix instant streaming disc for PS3, it's on its way to you. If you haven't, go to today to get your disc. Enjoy!"

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butterfinger4702d ago

that this is the reason for the downtime. Maybe?

p3rf3ctgam3r4702d ago

Your AccountAdd Blu-ray access

Add access to a growing library of over 1000 Blu-ray titles for only $2.00 a month.
To play Blu-ray movies you need a Blu-ray player.
For high definition viewing you will also need to be connected to an HD TV.

You can choose whether to automatically add Blu-ray (if available) when you add a title to your Queue. You can also select DVD or Blu-ray for individual titles in your Queue at any time.
I want Blu-ray added automatically.
I authorize Netflix to bill me $2.00 (plus applicable tax) a month starting 11/24/2009.

itchy184702d ago

if i request a streaming disc on their website, how long do you think it will take for them to send out the disc?

itchy184702d ago

netflix just sent me an email today they said it will arrive on thurs