FFXIII video announcement this Friday at 3:30PM GMT

Vice president of brand at Square Enix Europe Larry Sparks told MCV today:

"We have some very big news regarding Final Fantasy XIII; that we will be revealing Friday afternoon.

"We wanted to share the news with as many people as possible, so we have created a special video that will be unveiled on Friday. We hope you enjoy the announcement."

Release date? Demo? Friday shall reveal all.

Update: This is a duplicate story but unlike the other one which has yet to be accepted, this one has a fixed URL source and links.

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cronaldo73731d ago

Europe Release date 2009

iron_sheik3730d ago

a european release date since FF is huge there

Alan Wake3730d ago

ps3 lose FF13 exclusive hehehehehhe

and also lose metal gear solid exclusive hehehehehhehe

Xbox 360 FTW

3730d ago
iron_sheik3730d ago

so basically almost everyone will be picking up the game for ps3 ,since no one wants to have a game with 4 discs

stonecold13730d ago

is not involved with rising and its not a spin off to metal gear 4 bot final fantasy 13 the game as been gimped the eal next gen version is final fantasy vs so bot keep on playing halo spin off and gears 1.5

3730d ago