GTA IV: Lost and Damned for PC?

GTA IV's first Xbox 360-exclusive DLC episode, The Lost and Damned looks to be headed to PC.

That's if any attention should be paid to the Achievements that've just popped up in the latest Games for Windows LIVE update

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omni_atlas3723d ago

That x-box exclusivity that MS paid for doesn't look so exclusive anymore.

PS3 release Rockstar?

wxer3723d ago

thats just stupid you know ?

Foxgod3723d ago

That comment made me Lol.

Perjoss3723d ago

i would pass on lost & damned, but i'd buy the ballad in a heart beat, gta4 runs at 60 frames on my new PC and looks a hell of a lot better than the console versions.

Elven63723d ago

I wouldn't mind a PC release, I bought TLAD on 360 but was able to snag GTA IV on PC for $20 a few weeks ago!

Blaze9293723d ago

I'm not a PC gamer so just correct me if I'm wrong instead of flagging me with 200 disagrees - but don't Games for Windows LIVE (the ones with achievements) have to be played on a Microsoft Operating System? I would think so but if not, then my mistake.

Charmers3723d ago

@ Blaze929 - Microsoft are not the biggest fans of PC gaming, they don't gain anything by supporting gaming on their operating system since nearly all computers include Windows by default. If you look at MS's history on PC gaming they have done nothing but keep stuff off the PC. They refuse to bring Halo 3, Gears 2, Fable 2 and now Alan Wake to the PC.

The DLC coming to the PC is a pretty big sign that MS is losing exclusivity of it and it will appear on the PS3 probably at the start of 2010. However as I said in an earlier post people need to remember this. When it comes to exclusivity the only kind Rockstar knows is TIMED and that goes for Agent on the PS3.

StanLee3723d ago

Games for Windows Live is Microsoft's platform. No one should be surprised by this. Still, Microsoft should really abandon Games for Windows Live; it really has failed.

Pandamobile3723d ago

PC is not a Microsoft platform. Windows Live is. So, games using Windows Live, in this case GTA IV, would be a "Microsoft exclusive".

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sedx3723d ago

pc is a Ms platform? WRONG

MS makes windows... do some research kid

Elven63723d ago

Games for Windows Live inturn Windows, which is needed to run GTA 4 on PC is a Microsoft platform.

QQcrybaby3723d ago

They also run GFWL, which is the point if this story...

sedx3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

pc is not a MS platform live is MS software program

Elven63723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

Yes that's what I said, to run Windows you need hardware with a x86 (PC) architecture.

Edit: Also, I said Windows is a Microsoft platform.

raztad3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )


So what? Windows Live comes as yet another app in the OS, neither the user nor the developer need to pay anything to MS in order to use it. If anything is MS begging developers (in this case Rockstar) to use Windows Live but is far from being a common and enforced platform.

BTW, I read GTA4 PC is one of the worst and unoptimized ports ever.

Elven63723d ago

Games for Windows is a service, Microsoft gives developers something (advertising, development help, etc) in return for royalties. Games for Windows Live is required to run GTA IV. It's free for the end user but previously some items were Gold exclusive (cross platform play, multiplayer achievements, etc).

GFWL isn't a common enforced platform but Games for Windows is a more common and enforced one.

raztad3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

Thankfully there is not way MS can enforce GFWL on anyone, developers choose to be GFWL compatible. If I remember correctly Gears (first GFWL compatible game I bought) want me to pay some sort of subscription to play online and offered me like 3 months "free". I never, never will pay for playing online. GTA4 PC has an annoying double subscription layer, Rockstar Social Club and GFWL. What a sh!t.

Still most games out there dont use GFWL, and I really hope it never reach any kind of "standard" on PC, otherwise the modding scene will be dead and paid for playing online will be common.

siyrobbo3723d ago

games for windows live is completely free now. They scrapped the charge because no-one payed

Nihilism3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

haha people somehow think microsoft owns the pc industry, console fanboys need to strap it down. Microsoft doesn't own or control **** in the pc business, the only money ms gets from me is money for a new os every few years, they don't get a cent from any pc game i buy and they don't get a cent from and hardware i buy, aka pc is not a microsoft platform, thre are many other OS's and many other internet browsers. I use openoffice, not microsoft office.

Only console owners give money to sony/microsoft, pc gamers give their money to the devs and publishers, hence cheaper games. Enjoy your $10 fee for the privilege of being a misguided console fool

"pc is a microsoft platform" rofl, silly children


gtaiv on pc is the worst port i've ever played, it runs worse than crysis does maxed out, and gtaiv looks like ****. People are buying i7's for this game alone, it's a joke, the only reason it benefits so much more better processors is because it isn't optimised at all and it will suck up any juice it gets, a bland system hog which has fallen short of it's predecessors.

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Charmers3723d ago

When the PC version of GTA 4 was announced Rockstar was asked about the DLC coming to the PC, I wonder if you can guess what Rob Nelson the producer of the PC version said ? Yep he clearly stated that "The DLC is exclusive to the Xbox 360". Now nearly a year later lo and behold their are The Lost and Damned achievements in the PC version. Seriously Rockstar exclusivity isn't worth the paper I wipe my arse on. Oh and PS3 owners want to remember this when it comes to Agent's exclusivity too.

JD_Shadow3723d ago

You first might want to think about the possibility about LAD and BOGT landing on the PS3 before you even START discussing anything about Agent's exclusivity.

Charmers3718d ago

Erm that is my point, the DLC will come to the PS3 probably shortly after the PC version. Rockstar only do TIMED exclusivity, the DLC is timed and you can bet your life Agent is timed.

QQcrybaby3723d ago

If they release the DLC on the PC I would be a happy man. I played San Andreas on the PC and the PS2 and let me tell you there's no doubt the PC version is 100x better. Much better graphics and shooting with k/m controls is just so much better than controller.

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