FIFA 2010 Tops the Irish Gaming Charts for week ending November 7th 2009

Irish Gaming Website write;

Congratulations to FIFA 2010 who has outperformed every other title out there and has managed to hold on to the top spot in the Irish Charts for another week. With the imminent release of a certain Modern Warfare 2 on the horizon, Fifa and the rest of the chart titles for that matter, can say goodbye to ever getting near the submit for some time to come we think. Notible new entries this week include Insomniac's newest Rachet and Clank title at No.17 and Activison's DJ Hero at No.20. The highest new entry last week was Dragon Age: Origins which came in at a very respectable No.7. Both Wii Sports Resort and GTA Episodes climb a few places while Tekken, Forza and Pro Evolution have started to slowly fall. Boarderlands has fallen out of the top 20 altogether. See the rest of chart below.

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