Modern Warfare 2: PS3 vs. PC comparison HD

Take a look at this batch of Modern Warfare 2 comparison screens that show the PC and PS3 versions of Infinity Ward's potential Game of the year. All the shots were taken with a professional grabbing system in 720p, with both Full RGB and Superwhite enabled on the PS3. The PC screens have been taken in highest settings with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 (scaled down to 1280 x 800 for comparison)

Which version do you prefer?

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neotom4713d ago

pc version looks much better

crazy17044713d ago

I dont think so, PC version looks too crisp, I like the smooothed out ps3 look

iMad4713d ago

XBOX 360 >> PS3 versions
360 > PC versions

Amp4713d ago

Maybe you will be able to sleep at night !

SL1M DADDY4713d ago

Looks identical. But then again, I am not looking at the screen shots through fanboy glasses like the 360 fans.

PS3 = PC = 360. Good for Infinity Ward for doing it again.

Zedux4713d ago

if thats in a high config pc I am totally disappointed with this game!

iron_sheik4713d ago

PS3 version> x360 version in graphics

but PC >>>> console versions

Raf1k14713d ago (Edited 4713d ago )

PC version looks too crisp?
You do realise it's running at a higher resolution right?

The smoothed out slightly faded look of the PS3 is what makes it look worse than the 360 version which is a bad thing but you compare it to the PC and all of a sudden it's a good thing?

edit: the PC version was running at a lower res?
I'm not too keen on these comparisons since you can't properly compare the two without knowing what effects are running on PC.

4713d ago
iron_sheik4713d ago

ps3 version also looks much sharper. ofcourse PC version looks even more crisp than the ps3 version . However PS3 version easily looks better than the x360 version

divideby04713d ago

iMAD....sorry you really need glasses and well thats enough for now

sikbeta4713d ago

Now that's what I called delusional

PC > gimped down pc in a white box = xbox lol

DaTruth4713d ago (Edited 4713d ago )

Now they've really screwed up! It is difficult to tell those apart! The PS3 actually has more junk littered about in some shots.

The PC community should be really upset!

Question; Did it ever occur to anyone that when developers make the game, they keep the fact that most PS3 owners have RGB turned on full, and that if they made the game for the limited range, the game wouldn't look as good on the PS3 full range? People who are incapable of putting the RGB to full probably have a television where the difference would be unnoticeable. As I have a Wega and a Bravia, and the Wega always looks washed out! This is in reference to the PS3 vs 360 comparisons where they use the out of box settings.

ThanatosDMC4713d ago

I'm not even gonna bother writing something that will "try" to prove ^ wrong. It's just too sad.

Information Minister4713d ago

@ divideby0:

He already has glasses... Microsoft brand.

thewhoopimen4713d ago

This game was dumb downed for consoles so the PC version doesn't look any different from the console versions beyond higher resolution it seems. That being said, I like how the particle effects on the ps3 look better (in the flames). That's just an opinion and doesn't construe the ps3 version being better

DaTruth4713d ago (Edited 4713d ago )

Good thing Iron Sheik posted a link that proves me right, so I wouldn't have to do it if Thanatos decided to man up and try and prove me wrong.

Only thing that's sad is your fanboyism! I posted a good topic of discussion, with no fanboyism involved and didn't even say anything bad about any console. I even backed it up with the basis for my opinion, which is having two televisions, one that supports RGB and one that doesn't!

I'm not even buying this game, like I never bought the last one or any COD ever; So I don't even care, all versions can suck if they want!

@The Woopiman: All PC games are dumbed down for consoles. That is why there are stark differences between PC exclusives(Crysis) and multiplats. That is why I feel sorry for the PC community; All that money for upgrades and the best they can get is higher resolutions!

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Typical-Guy4713d ago

Who cares ! It was developed on X360 anyway.

If they reached PS3's graphical powers , WAKE ME UP

dirthurts4713d ago

You only play exclusives?
You're missing out bud...

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theEnemy4713d ago

But some comparison shots are not in the exactly the same scene.

Fishy Fingers4713d ago

PC version obviously has higher res textures and better particle effects and I'm sure shown at their highest resolutions the difference would be rather obvious.

But that's no disrespect to the console (PS3 in this case) versions, they all look great especially when you consider they're running at a good 60FPS, something people seem to forget when they compare it to other console games running at 30.

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