Gran Turismo 5 - More new screenshots

Some more new screenshots from Gran Turismo 5. Check them out.

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Lord_Ranos4713d ago

Beautiful indeed.

Gran Turismo 5
The Real Driving Simulator.

LukaX234713d ago

Poliphony has always been real. None of that corporate bullshit other companies pull *cough, cough* Turn 10.

Racing Game of The Year, 2010. No doubt.

Chubear4713d ago

Let see what kind of stupid FUD is spewed about this sim a couple of weeks before it launches. You know it'll come. Every single PS3 exclusive title gets flooded heavily with anti-viral marketing weeks b4 launch and continues for months.

Go look at KZ2 official forums. 8months later and it's still packed with "teh aiming iz teh ruined" & "oh noes, KZ2 is dead online!! STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME!" They've been doing this for 8 straight months... EIGHT!

Expect similar nonsense from PS3 naysayers and gaming sites thirsty for cheap hits. The Madness begins indeed.

ultimolu4713d ago

*jaw drops*


Guys, that is not a videogame! o__o;

I can't wait for this...OMGOMGOMGOMG...*flails and knocks self out*


sikbeta4713d ago

Just Beatiful, no more no less

Noctis Aftermath4713d ago

after looking at those pics, all i got to say is that it is hard to type with one hand.

EvilBlackCat4713d ago (Edited 4713d ago )

"Beautiful" Images?

100% True

"The Real Driving Simulator"?

Are you fncking serious?

This is why a lot of true hardcore Racing Simulator fans hate PS3GT Biased Fans really we hate their B.S of proclaiming that GT is a true Sim. Why because is like saying that water is not wet.

Im serious the other day in a conversation in Forza3 multiplayer lobby everybody was commenting the same thing... "GT have never been a True Simulator".

You know what is ironic... that all of them including me played all GT games but never fall on the "The Real Driving Simulator" BULLSH!T!

GT5 is going to be a great Racing Game NO doubt... but that is the True Real Driving Simulator? naaahh!!!

Of course you (PS3+GT5 fans) are going to disagree but come on be real.
Be Racing simulator fans instead of PS3+GT fans only because that is the only way that you guys will really enjoy racing sims.

So yeah disagree, reply and take out a bubble but also explain me why GT series is better than all the other Racing Sims on Consoles and PC come on i wanna know why.

Ravage274713d ago

i've just regained my faith in the gaming industry

Minimox164713d ago

can you tell me then what is "The Real Driving Simulator"?

Perkel4713d ago (Edited 4713d ago )

@ Evil kitty

"This is why a lot of true hardcore Racing Simulator fans hate PS3GT Biased Fans really we hate their B.S of proclaiming that GT is a true Sim. Why because is like saying that water is not wet."

a lot of hardcore racing simulator fans - wow this is nice one.

I'm a true hardcore racing simulator fan and i love rfactor, rbr, lfs and i looove gt. Why ? BECAUSE I AM TRUE HARDCORE SIMULATOR FAN and i don't like if you talk for me that people going crazy over gt is annoying. Speak for yourself man. YOU ARE ANOYED not a lot of people

what in your opinion is true sim ?
because i think it's only one point: realistic driving

and GT offers this. Care to why it don't ? :>

here for you watch it and care to say it's unrealistic:

"Im serious the other day in a conversation in Forza3 multiplayer lobby everybody was commenting the same thing... "GT have never been a True Simulator".ę

hmm why did you played forza if you are true hardcore sim racing fan ?

in my opinion forza has worse driving physic than gt5p.

oh one more thing in this situation WATER IS WATER

Information Minister4713d ago

@ chubear

You don't even know half the story my friend. By the time GT5 is released I expect the media's double standards to reach their peak. Features such as rally racing, night driving and the track editor will be downplayed, while the damage system will be considered lackluster along with other issues that were conveniently overlooked in other racing games recently released.

Greywulf4713d ago (Edited 4713d ago )


There is this perpetual debate about what game has better "physics" Forza or GT5 Prologue. This debate extends to all racing games and simulations.
Instead of making objective statements that can be verified most just make subjective statements like, "The physics in that game sucks." Even professional reviews seldom make objective statements about the handling physics.

Since I own both Forza 3 and GT5:P and have wheels for both I decided to attempt an OBJECTIVE comparisson of the car handling models in each game.

Testing Methodology

XBOX 360 Elite with MS Wireless FFB Wheel
PS3 with Logitech DFP

All assists off except ABS.
Coxckpit view.
Hotlaps (no AI)

Tracks: Sazuka Cicruit
RWD: Ferrari 599
Mid Engine RWD: Ferrari F430
AWD: Mitsubishi Evo X
FWD: Ford Focus ST


Simple standing start test. Accelerating from zero.
Forza 3: Had to accelerate more carefully to avoid wheel spin. Wheel shakes with wheel spin.
GT5P: Cars seem to have little wheel spin. No touch need for a good start. No force feedback.

Comment: Neither game simulated torque steering (where car pulls to one side during full acceleration) but at least Forza 3 had good wheel spin.

Winner: Forza 3


Forza 3: Braking was extremely sensitive. Very difficult to achieve anything less that full brake.
GT5P: Broader range of braking inputs.

Winner: GT5P

On Throttle Oversteer

Forza 3: Ferrari 599 failed to oversteer when throttle was mashed on corners. When it did oversteer it was very easy to catch and correct.
GT5P: Ferrari 599 easily oversteers unless throttle is applied gently at low gears.

Comment: Mashing the throttle very rarely could unsettle the cars in Forza 3.
Including the high end race cars. Extremely unrealistic behavior.

Winner: GT5P

Lift-Off Throttle Oversteer

Forza 3: Ferrari F430 had no detectable lift-off oversteer. Did not show any signs of being a mid engine car.
GT5P: Suddenly lifting off throttle while turning hard led to slight oversteer on the wide turns in Sazuka.

Winner GT5P


Forza 3 and GT5P behave identically during understeer. Ford Focus ST in both games behaved identically. Only difference was sliding was much better in Forza 3.

Comment: Tire sounds were more natural and convincing in Forza 3. I don't believe this is a subjective statement. The way the cars slide on tires was far more true to life than GT5P.

Winner: Forza 3


Forza 3: When wildly oscillating steering back and forth responded too suddenly. There was little to no sense of inertia. Was difficult to cause a crash by oscillating the wheel back and forth on straights.
GT5P: Overall steering was smoother and car behaved like a car with weight. Was easier to induce a crash when oscillating steering wheel.

Comment: Steering was very twitchy in Forza 3. This was maybe the worst aspect of the game. Is the MS Wheel the cause?

Winner GT5P


Comment: Sazuka had far more detail in Forza 3. It wasn't even close. But most other tracks in Forza 3 did not have the same level of detail.

Winner: Forza 3.

Complaint: To prevent players from cutting the track Forza has these sticky patches that supernaturally bring your car to a dead stop. It kills the immersion when it happens. In GT5 you're prevented from accelerating for a few seconds. The GT5 system is much better than those supernatural sticky patches.


The handing model in GT5P does a much better job of representing oversteer in high horsepower cars. The more powerful the car the more dramatic the difference. The lack of any lift-off oversteer in the F430 was a bit surprising. The steering was also another area where Forza 3 came up short. Reckless steering input simply did not unsettle the car like you would expect.

Overall, I should add that Forza 3 has advantages in damage and tire wear and parts customizations. Overall if you consider customizations and damage and online play Forza 3 is the better game. However, when it comes to car handling physics alone GT5P is more realistic. It's difficult to imagine an objective person testing same cars and tracks coming to a different conclusion.

I must also point out that the MS Wireless wheel compares very poorly to the Logitech DFP. Given that, in the average person's price range, the MS wheel is the ONLY viable option this must be counted as a shortcoming of Forza 3.

By Who is also a member of the forza community.

And thats the "demo" of GT5.

//now me talking//

You and I both know the only reason anyone throws up "The Real Driving Simulator" Is because TURN10 said Forza3 is better than ALL CONSOLE AND PC games. Which I know damn well you can't back up, and neither can Turn10.

GT is a great game, it simulates pretty well, and has graphics that no console game or PC game can touch, as well as accurate vehicle models/animations of spoilers/airbrakes. Which Forza3 can't do. -- Which is one of the main selling points of GT - Its photo-reality. Because all in all its a Car Simulation, not Burnout or Destruction Derby. People love to look at the cars, and GT provides visuals that no one can compete with. Physics on the other hand is easily trumped by PC games - for both forza and gt.

IRetrouk4713d ago

you are a nob, i have forza 3 am level 44 in it, i can tell you now that forza is ok, not great not the best just ok, it has far too many glitches, the game momentarly frezzes while racing leaving your car sticking on revs and becoming uncontrolable, stop lieing to yourself and just go preorder gt5 and i honestly think wen you play it your mind will be changed, as for forza online ...... HA HA HA HA HA HA

sikbeta4713d ago (Edited 4713d ago )

EvilBlackCat = The Real Whiny Fanboy lol

aaron58294712d ago

You fanboys crack me up.. those are CGI and bullshots... you fanboy believe what sony tells you... no wonder they they call you droids


IRetrouk4712d ago

so forza 3 really did have those 10 times the polys of 2? i dont think so, and those screens that were realesed bfore forza 3 release wernt bullshots? ha ha ha, look at it this way, gt will look closer to those screens than forza does to the ones that they showed,

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Chubear4713d ago (Edited 4713d ago )

Yes, I look at GT5 and say "meh, iz teh bumper car. I much rather experience Forza2&3 than this mediocre game any day" I say this cause I AM STOOOOOPID!

The 360fanbase are just pathetic. They deserve to get used over and over again by MS.

IRetrouk4713d ago (Edited 4713d ago )

has anyone played forza 3?

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