6 Games that shouldn't have 'M' ratings

Have you ever found yourself picking up a game and wondering to yourself why on earth it has that little 'M' plastered on the front of it? Some games like Grand Theft Auto 4, Resident Evil 5, and Modern Warfare 2 are rated Mature for good reasons, but there are certain cases where one must question what was going through the ESRB's minds when they rated these. Here are six games that were unfairly rated M.

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naughty573728d ago

ESRB needs to get it together and stop giving games that deserved lower scores and vice-versa the wrong labels

Blaze9293727d ago

What I was actually surprised at is how Uncharted 2 was able to get only a T rating. Then I looked at my Uncharted 1 and said wow, this really is a T game? Wtf, I had always thought it was M rated.

ESRB just fails. But not that I care anymore. I used to when I was under 18, now I can just buy whatever the hell I want.

jcgamer3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

MS didn't want hardcore Halo gamers to see a T rating and think the series changed in content..but MS wanted parents to walk by while the game was being played and say, "Hey, this isn't so bad.."....if anything, the M rating probably had more to do with potty mouth Xbox LIVE multiplayer sessions...LOL

@ Blaze - yep, Uncharted 2 is like The Temple Of Doom was back in the it's perceived as a light-hearted adventure, it gets a lighter rating

HolyOrangeCows3727d ago

And you're rated "BO" for "Belongs in the Open zone"

Saaking3727d ago

Why is Halo 3 rated M? There's very little blood, very little bad word. It's all colorful. It should be E10 or T at the most.

NeoBasch3727d ago

Yeah, Uncharted 2 surprised the sh!t out of me. Definitely should have been rated M. I could see the UDF getting away with a Teen rating, but not Among Thieves. Still my personal GotY though.

ReviewsArePolitics3727d ago

Sorry Cows, didn't mean to make you cry

kraze073727d ago

The only thing in UC2 that might have justified an M rating was *SPOILER ALERT* when the hitler wannabe shot the camera dude (can't remember their names.) Nothing else was really that bad imo.

NeoBasch3727d ago


Close combat produced loads of blood if you beat 'em into a corner. Also, the Ice Cave level where you first meet the demon yetis, there were several butchered wolves in the area with very realistic blood depictions (read MOST realistic). You also have Nathan when he got shot by Flynn and was bleeding out on the train and Elena when the grenade went off. How exactly could U2: Among Thieves not be rated M? While the game didn't drop any F bombs that I'm aware of, the main characters would cuss like no tomorrow. ESRB should reevaluate the T rating for Uncharted 2.

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ZombieAutopsy3728d ago

All those should be rated T.

SpoonyRedMage3728d ago

The Last Remnant is probably an M because of the fight scene between Emma and The Conqueror and also the few times they use profanity in the game. It could probably have passed as a T and it's only a borderline M.

pieofgaming3728d ago

giving great games ratings that will surely hurt their sales, ratings they didn't deserve

Elven63728d ago

For the time, the first Halo was pretty M territory, the amount swearing, blood, etc. Not to mention corpses mutating right in front of you!

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The story is too old to be commented.