Makro Selling Modern Warfare 2 For £20 In UK

UK wholesale retailer Makro is selling Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for an incredible £20.00. The store is only open to those with a Makro card, usually provided to store/business owners, but you can still get in on a day pass.

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The Meerkat3726d ago

Makro prices are exclusive of VAT

So its £23

Zedux3726d ago

that goes to show how much profit retailers make out of the gaming industry!

skapunkmetalskater3726d ago

Unfortunately not, retailers make next to nothing on software per title. I think it's as little as 10% and therefore have to sell on mass in order to make money. In mental scenarios like Modern Warfare 2's release, retailers know people will go wherever it's cheapest and it may attract new custom into their store, while making a loss on the game itself.

Makro is cool for buying in bulk but it's a bit of a scummy store.

skapunkmetalskater3726d ago

It's £20 including VAT. Without VAT it's £17.39

Capt CHAOS3726d ago

There is no way I'm prepared to pay 45 for this game, about the cheapest I've seen it.

kingboy3726d ago

Gotta love the Uk when it comes to competitive game prices unlike what we have over here being shafted with no less than 70 Euros a game and if lucky might score an early promo release for 60euros under limited time of course.. lol