I completed Modern Warfare 2 in 4 Hours 44 Minutes and 23 seconds – Is that a record?

After Lazygamer posted up their review of Modern Warfare 2 this little article popped up stating

"Thankfully I didn't need to check the clocks as the game stores the time for you and accordingly I was informed that I completed the game in 4:44:23 which is not very long for a full priced game."

Is it really fair to charge full price for a game that clocks in at under 5 hours?

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Natsu X FairyTail3725d ago

"is it really fair to charge full price for a game that clocks in at under 5 hours?"

it clocks @ 5hours for you. Not for everybody. I'll take my time to finish the game not like you that stood around the TV 5hours straight tryna finish the game and make an article about it.

GavinMannion3725d ago

The time recorded was for how long the game took to review... the game can last a lot longer on a harder difficulty and obviously Multiplayer is a HUGE factor but the single player can be completed even quicker than this... it wasn't raced

iron_sheik3725d ago

Now thats a real shame

charging full price for <5 hour campaign
cant believe that reviewers have given the game a free pass

Strange_Evil3725d ago

Lol frankly speaking ODST's single player lasted more than MW2 in my play through lol. Although MW2 is definitely a better game, but frankly this is the GTA effect where people just wear blinders and review the game and give straight 10s just cause Activision has deep pockets.

Don't get me wrong, the game is nice and multi-player is as addictive as always, but getting 10s all round shows the amount of free pass multi-plat games get. I heard that IGN gave this a 10 in graphics lol seriously!!! I mean an open world game coming a week after this has better graphics than MW2 and a linear game fails to even trump that.. Pity.I can understand people giving UC2 10s cause it actually covered all bases be it SP or MP with jaw dropping graphics and gameplay.

In my books, this game gets an 8 for single player (mainly cause it's intense) and 10 for the spec ops and multiplayer mode (it's addictive). So overall a 9, but anything more than that means you judge the game more on the multi-player aspect then the single player. SP always comes first for me.

Natsu X FairyTail3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )


I agree with your point.

EDIT: mugoldeneagle03

You speak the Truth my friend. Bubbles+

donator3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

Eh, flawed logic. You get the full game (Single player, co-op, and multiplayer) for full price. Whether or not you choose to indulge in all aspects of the game is your choice, but you are given the entire game anyway. So it is not fair to ask whether or not MW2 is worth it for that price if you only take single player into account.

The IGN video reviewer also stated he beat the game in around 5 hours.

thor3725d ago

A speed run of most FPS games takes under 2 hours. Half-life can be completed in under half an hour on the hardest difficulty, Halo 3 in under an hour and a half, but I imagine MW2 will be quite short indeed on a speed run.

mugoldeneagle033725d ago

And by "these" I mean Modern Warfare 2 hate articles to garnish hits from the N4G-MW2-hate community. I mean really, does anyone remember the length of the original Uncharted? Or Heavenly Sword? Because both are fairly short games and I'm 99% sure I beat them both in one sitting. Hell, I platinumed Uncharted 2 in two days, partly because my sleep schedule was royaly screwed up, but still.

I'm just saying if you try to beat something as fast as you can, you'll usually succeed, and you'll also succeed in ruining the games value...For any game, not just MW2.

soljah3725d ago

btw did anyone see this in the joystiq review

Disclaimer: The preceding review is based on an event organized and paid for by Activision, in which media outlets were provided hotel rooms, each equipped with an Xbox 360 and copy of Modern Warfare 2. As this was Joystiq's only opportunity to review the game in advance of its release, we willingly deviated from our standard policy of not accepting accommodations and used the room. We did so because we felt that participating in this event best served the interest of our readers.

For more information on the Joystiq Editorial Ethics Policies, please click here.

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shane0253725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

MW2 has a multilpayer mode that'll last you for years to come.

I've been playing this game since Friday and at first we were only about 3000 people online, but just now I checked again and we're almost 300.000 online! INSANE

It's probably going to be 400.000 - 500.000 during the holidays.

Oh Btw, just for comparison's sake,Uncharted 2 has 7000 people online playing at the same time. Killzone 2, even less.

Darkeyes3725d ago

@Solijah... i won't be even surprised if they gave all the reviewers a prestige edition (one with the NV goggles)... This always happens with huge games. It's a milder form of bribery you can say....

shane0253725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

Except on N4G off course, most people buy the game for the multiplayer. The SP is just an after thought.

toaster3725d ago

No. Wait until March when everyone will have a REAL game to play.

shane0253725d ago

So you admit you'e got nothing to play that's why you're here trolling 24/7?
You also admit it's the best we've got now till March?

toaster3725d ago

Shattered Horizon, Dragon Age, Torchlight, L4D2, . There are a whole slew of games to play. I can wait a few months for a better product.

SL1M DADDY3724d ago

Sorry, but the easy setting is for folks who have not played shooters and is expected to last a little longer for those who are unskilled at these games. Your attempt to slam the game is just silliness.

HolyOrangeCows3724d ago

Reviewers will give ANY game a perfect score if the words "Call of Duty" or "Halo" are on the cover.

Even if the game is less than 5 hours long and mostly just a regurgitation.

Bcause usin teh n00bz toobs on teh Muliplayr make it teh worths itz!

siyrobbo3724d ago

try completing the game on veteran, get all stars in spec ops and get to the first prestige level in under 5 hours

zeeshan3724d ago

It is easy to get a full 10 or 9.5 score when you got buttload of money like Activision does, if you know what I mean :)

sikbeta3724d ago

Why everyone is so surprised, the SP of the first one wasn't so long either, so this is the same, I thought people already know and don't care

harrisk9543724d ago

This is not a PS3 vs. Xbox argument... it is about how reviews are (generally) skewed higher than they should when it comes to high profile games (i.e., GTA4, Halo:ODST, etc.)... Regardless of whether or not Xbots believe MW2 to be somehow more theirs than the PS3's, the bottom line is that MW2 is on BOTH the PS3 and Xbox.

jammy_703724d ago

and its sooo short!!!!!

Ravage273724d ago

well said, the way 360 fans are talking, you would think mw2 is their exclusive lol.

This is turning out to be eerily similar to the GTA4 fiasco, reviewers are either blinded by (A) the fear of backlash from the huge COD fanbase
(B) Activision's $$$

nycredude3724d ago

Shane stop defending the game already. Face it the sp is short as hell. And for people who say any game is short if you speed run, let me ask what else are you supposed to do in a completely linear fps. are you going to walking around oggling at the enemies and wait for them to shoot you a few times and then say ok i killed like 15 minutes so let me move on now? How do you play a game that is linear any slower without hurting the experience?


Heavenly Sword took me 8 hours, Uncharted 1 took me about 9-10 hours and Uncharted 2 took me 13:15 hours the first time and I finished it twice going on three times and this is before the multiplayer and coop. I'm like 20 hours into borderlands and I am not halfway through. What ever your argument it doesn't change the fact this game is extremely short! More so than most games.

Prototype3724d ago

A lot of people who can beat a game in hours isn't always playing on easy or sitting in front of a tv for hours on end; some people are just naturally good at certain games. I can beat a fighting game under 10 min but takes hours to beat a FPS.

Shepherd 2143724d ago

Is it really fair to review a game and judge its definitive length when you played it through on the lowest difficulty?

The_Denzel3724d ago

Don't play the game on easy.

The_Denzel3724d ago


I cannot fathom how you are 20 hours into Borderlands and not even halfway through the game. I was 22 hours at the end of the game with all side missions done.

Alcon Caper3724d ago

This game is redefining "play-value." It's easily one of the greatest multiplayer games to be released. Why would one get angry about this price, when another large multiplayer game, World of Warcraft charges a monthly fee for its play.

I think Infinity Ward has realized this and puts the single player in the back seat.

Its multiplayer is something that I've gladly spent a one time fee for. It's a game that has play value that far exceeds its price.

Going back to games that are not known for their multiplayer, or may not have any multiplayer (Grand Theft Auto, Mass Effect, Heavenly Sword, even Metal Gear Solid). Compare the number of hours you spend actually playing the game. Call of Duty 4 has me clocked at TEN DAYS of multiplayer (240 hrs). Who can say that this is not worth an extra $5-10?

It's a price that I'll gladly pay.

3724d ago
mugoldeneagle033724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

When did I say anything about the 360 v PlayStation 3 argument? I was simply stating that there are tons of games that can be beat in one sitting if you try to beat it as fast as you can. I don't even own a 360, yet all of you are quick enough to hit that disagree button as fast as you can because the two games I mention are PS3 exclusive.

Oh how I love the N4G community, aha. Sacrifice intelligence for ignorance, all for that tiny disagree instead of a voice. Kudos for at least replying though...

Elaine Benes3724d ago

speed demon indeed.
but to be honest, this game may have a great story--but its really all about the multiplayer.

kelo1233724d ago

lol i know right? maybe this guy needs to get a life lol

ReviewsArePolitics3724d ago

Whoever buys this is a sheep that follows what, just like all the halo ODST buyers

Tony P3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

I'm surprised I'm the first one to point this out but... speed run? From lazygamer?

Anyway, I don't like short SP as much as the next guy, but look: it's a shooter.

Shooter games are SHORT. They have been that way for a long time now and everyone keeps buying them because it's the MP that sells the game. So while I don't approve, the point is pretty moot the next time you run out to buy the next MP fragfest.

On another note, people saying "try a harder mode" kind of need to rethink that. There isn't *more* content on a harder mode. It's just more difficult... Not lengthier.

Sarcasm3724d ago

I finished the main SP in around 5 hours also. But the Special ops, and hundreds of hours with MP with my friends will more than make up for it.

FACTUAL evidence3724d ago

I bet he played regular. play veteran a good 12 hours ciao!

Mars Attacker3724d ago

LOL. That means it will take me a month to finish. Then turn around and play it again on the next hardest setting. Well worth the $20 (I'll sell it for $40 on eBay after I am done with it).

MGRogue20173724d ago

The meat of the game is it's multiplayer component.

Need I say more? :D

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iron_sheik3725d ago

i believe this guy since many at gaf also complained of longevity
anyway it is a real shame nevertheless

Nelson M3725d ago

Because not only are The BoTs Not Good Enough to Complete a Game
Thier Crappy Xbox 360 wont last 4 hours of continuous play before Exploding

MrCrabPuss3725d ago

Witty nelson...way to go little guy, you come up with that all by yourself?

3725d ago
Cueil3724d ago

haha... pretty funny for an idiot :p

borgome3724d ago

Picking this sh!t up today, Wooooooo!!!! Pumped!!!!

Anybody who isn't picking this up today, suffer being a retard.


multiplat game so no ones complaining . gaming community is fill with fkn idiots . since this is all the bots was looking forward to why would those idiots complain . i own a ps3 and im buying buzz quiz world ...woot woot ...

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badboy8083725d ago

Yet gametrailers gave it a 9.5

MiloGarret3724d ago

Captain obvious strikes again!

vigilante_man3724d ago

I actually paid £3.50 as I had £22.50 from my Nectar Points (Reward card)!!

Guess I'm glad. SP should be a real treat, not a add-on.

We all know reviews with "GTA, Halo, COD, etc" will get top scores regardless. So don't trust the integrity of reviewers. Sad, but true.

As I only paid £3.50 for the game, I won't feel short-changed.. (you pays your money, you takes your choice).

thereapersson3725d ago

Because it's Modern Warfare 2. They'll excuse the single-player campaign for the same reason.

Sad what this generation has come down to, really...

Halo3 MLG Pro3725d ago

Why? I'm sure this was a speed run. I mean their are reports of people beating MGS4 under 5 hours. The average gamer would probably beat this around 8-10 hours which is about the norm for most games.

thor3725d ago

Not a speed run.

Speed runs are MUCH faster. Speed runs of MGS4 probably take under 2 hours (seeing as if you don't care about being spotted you can just run through the entire game).

A speed run of MW2 may take under an hour. Certainly under 2.

The poster of this article states, "it wasn't raced" in post 1.1

beardpapa3724d ago

I don't think reviewers are so inclined to perform a speed run on their own time just to baffle us on how short the game truly is. Afterall, they're paid to tell us how the game is in an average experience.

2Spock3724d ago

Well when you review a game you are suppose to play it at default settings and harder settings. Obviously if you turn the game to the easiest setting then you are trying to see how fast you can beat it. Which normally it will probably take 7-10 hours on the harder settings to beat. But me personally i would pay 60 bucks just for the multiplayer.

SoX FireBlade3724d ago

well recruit difficulty is like the easiest thing on earth

i don't mind a short game as long as its fun

i really enjoy call of duty games they are short but enjoyable

I play veteran for the first time because i got used it so it will be longer for me

and you are not paying 60$ for only campaign, you got spec ops and multiplayer that will take you months or even years to complete

HDgamer3724d ago

Thats a speed run and we both know you never played MGS4 to come to that conclusion just stop it. This really makes you look even so more sad.

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