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NowGamer: Let's get the controversy squared away where it belongs; down a dark and rather stupid hole. There are those that will tell you that it's a disgrace. That games have no right to be tweaking your socio-political discomfort levels. No right to force you to see through the eyes of a terrorist – or at least a person who by whatever circumstance of fate is implicit in their actions. They will tell you that this is not the kind of material we should willingly place in the hands of our youth and on that count, they would be mostly correct. Modern Warfare 2 may be an 18-rated experience, but the volume of players encountered whose balls are yet to drop has hoisted even our own liberal brow clear into startledom.

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Piccolo4713d ago

It's only 0.2 point difference.

renegade4713d ago

8.8 is good score not fail, now people is complaining 8 as a bad score?

4713d ago
ThanatosDMC4713d ago

The thing is. It's not as an awesome experience as the first. I basically just played the game... i wasnt wowed or anything. Nothing graphically or technically amazed me. EXCEPT the NVG that came with it!

4713d ago
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retrofly4713d ago (Edited 4713d ago )

See, SP is dead, long live multiplayer!!!!

Worse than F.E.A.R 2, yeah right :P

raztad4713d ago (Edited 4713d ago )


Have you played FEAR? the first or the second? If you havent I strongly recommend you to do it. FEAR 1 is one of the best FPS ever and the second, thought it didnt have the same acclaim is pretty good.

I had the same reaction than you when EDGE scored FEAR 2 > KZ2, but after playing FEAR 2 I can say game is great if you enjoy slow paced FPSes, good atmosphere, long single player and incredible fun and diverse combat. FEAr 2 AI though is not as good as KZ2 does an awesome job.

retrofly4713d ago

I really liked the first FEAR, was really atmopheric and scary, FEAR 2 seem to lose some of its originality and charm and I didnt play it for long. MW2 > FEAR2 for sure.

FEAR 1 was much butter than FEAR 2 anyway :)

raztad4713d ago

MW2>FEAR2 is just your opinion. This site thinks otherwise. I can tell if I got to choice I'd go with FEAR2 anyday, but that just me. I need strong SP shooters. 5 hours of flashy run and gun with some cinematics dont fill the bill, and either 9vs9 deatmatches.

Meryl4713d ago

yay finally a non biased review

Noctis Aftermath4713d ago (Edited 4713d ago )

only if more people like this guy reviewed it for what the game is and not for what the hype makes it out to be.

Mindboggle4713d ago

You didnt read the review, you saw the low score, and you deem it Honest??

You fail sir

Midgard2284713d ago

the game is ok dang it, ok its good but not amazing, i wont be buying it and i get discounts lol. im happy right now with demon souls and uncharted 2

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