Flash Gaming Heads to the iPhone: What To Play?

No Dpad:

Flash gaming has long been an Internet staple. With the advent of Apple's App Store, however, many successful Flash games have been making the leap to the iPhone. Ported games include the recently well-reviewed Canabalt and Bloons TD, as well as games such as Shift, Bloons, Boxhead: The Zombie Wars, My Brute, Totomi and more.

Some users gripe that games they used to play for free in their browsers, they now have to pay for on their phones. But it's actually in the best interests of everyone to finally be paying these guys. Game development takes time, and when developers are able to reap profit from their work, it better motivates and enables them to continue work on their products. That means more games for gamers, and more incentive for developers. Everybody wins.

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