Touch Arcade Review: Ngmoco Lets the Dogs Out – 'TouchPets Dogs' Released in USA

Touch Arcade:

While I could go absolutely crazy with Baha Men references here, I'll spare our readers and instead just cut to the chase– The Canadian and Australian beta period of ngmoco's virtual pet game TouchPets Dogs [App Store] is finally over. Much like Eliminate, TouchPets is a free to download game, but your play time is limited along with the advancement of your dog.

Your dog in TouchPets is powered by virtual dog food, which you can either buy or just wait for your in-game dog food bowl to slowly recharge on its own just like energy in Eliminate. The main difference is, while you can play Eliminate all day long if you wanted to without earning credits, your dog in TouchPets actually goes to sleep when it runs out of food. Feeding your dog increases its energy meter, which then is depleted as you play with it.

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