Warhawk Beta: Eurogamer's First Impressions (new screens)

Eurogamer Preview the Warhawk Beta:

"I came into this online beta expecting the worst. We've all heard the rumours about Warhawk's troubled development - how it was supposed to be on the verge of being canned, how it was going to be download only via the PlayStation Store. We all saw the early footage and the unconvincing Sixaxis motion sensor propoganda and I daresay you were as underwhelmed with the whole thing as I was.

The thing is, having played this beta pretty solidly now for two days, I am hungry for more. It's providing classic Battlefield gameplay with a solid arcade twist, it's giving you up to 32 players and all the carnage that goes with it - and every so often, you get a truly impressive graphical hit that makes the PlayStation 3 price premium seem just a little bit more worth it."

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techie4746d ago

Love the graphics and the lighting now. ANd the clouds.

Kleptic4746d ago

they are shaping up to be some of the best clouds I have yet to see in a game...considering how good they look as you actually fly through them...

tony4746d ago

this game is not all that. not to sound negative, but the should cancel this game and redo it again.

rowdy 14746d ago

You suk. don't even bring your negative comments in here. This is a good game and some of us that don't have the beta would like to know what we're missing. Loser.

Lord Anubis4746d ago

with that statement is obvious you haven't played the game.

Cartesian3D4746d ago

many details improved ... and I think selfshadowing is goin'to be a standard feature for ps3 .. and many first party titles use it without any problem ..

and more important subject is smooth framerates ... warhawk is one of the best choice for online experience .. good job

Bebedora4746d ago

that's some gorgeous scenery right there. I'm not in to this stuff, but it sure looks 'organic' ?? That is, the opposite of flat and sterile.

rowdy 14746d ago

Is the release date on this game?

Kleptic4746d ago

"late summer, early fall" to quote the man himself...I would be early September...possibly the last day of August or something...just in time for most of the buying market to go back to college...and then fail out...

tony4746d ago

rowdy, you sound like the warhawk creators pay your bills. haha

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The story is too old to be commented.