GameDaily: Modern Warfare 2 Review

GameDaily writes: "It's no surprise that we played most of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 with our mouths open. Activision and Infinity Ward's soon to be critically acclaimed first person shooter unmercifully threw us from one fantastical mission to the next, with painstakingly designed environments crawling with bad guys that possess lightning quick reflexes, expert shooting skills and a nasty habit of throwing multiple grenades at the same time. Snipers lodged bullets into our skulls, hungry canines shredded our throats and explosions quickly removed us from battle. And yet we happily soldiered on, firing numerous weapons (the true stars of the show), rescuing hostages and doing some questionable things in an airport that made us cringe. It's therefore fitting that Modern Warfare 2 appear on cans of Monster "Assault" Energy Drink, since that caffeine powered beverage perfectly fits the game's feverish pace."

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