PS3 Version Of Bayonetta To Be Better In North America?

PSX Extreme writes: " As most of you know, while Bayonetta is currently available in Japan, it won't be on US store shelves until January 5. But perhaps this delay will prove beneficial for PlayStation 3 owners...

The debate concerning this hotly anticipated action title revolves around the fact that developer Platinum Games first designed the game for the Xbox 360, after which Sega handled the PS3 port. Not surprisingly, this has resulted in a lesser frame rate for the PS3 version, as reflected in some Japanese publications like Famitsu, which awarded the 360 version a perfect 40/40 score and gave the PS3 a version a 38/40. But perhaps these extra few months will give Sega America some time to even things out a bit. A reader has sent us an e-mail from a Sega America representative, who hints that we should maybe look for some improvements in the PS3 version when it arrives in North America. Essentially, the rep says that when the game was pushed back, the producers asked them "to spend more time on making sure the frame rate would be as comparable to that of the Xbox 360 as possible given the amount of time, budget, and testing available." Now, he does admit that the 360 version still has the better frame rate but the difference isn't quite so pronounced, and other aspects of the game are basically identical."

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hatchimatchi3721d ago

The game is not as bad as websites are making it out to be. I haven't had any problems with the framerate.

It's a solid game and it's really fun. I think the ps3 version is getting treated a little unfairly. I watched the 1up comparison videos and it does make the ps3 version look extremely washed out but it honestly does not look anywhere near as bad on my tv. I'm not trying to imply that the guy had ulterior motives, but i do find it weird that everything looks so grey in his video. Not to mention the scene he showed is the intro. You're falling off a cliff and fighting enemies, all the while trying to listen to what the narrator is saying. It's an extremely hectic scene and like i said, it's the intro, you don't even have a health bar yet. The blurriness of it seemed warranted to me because you're falling off a cliff, and honestly, it's not excessively blurry to the point of not being able to play the game.

I'm really enjoying the game so far, don't let a few blogs ruin your outlook on the game.