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Sanzee4713d ago


See you online suckers!

Natsu X FairyTail4713d ago

lol @ mad fanboys giving you disagrees.

thumbs + buddy. See you online if i get the game.

Zedux4713d ago (Edited 4713d ago )

Everyone saw that one coming but still surprised they didn't score it 10/10! Once again IGN is paid to review a game what a shame!

I'll wait for Battlefield 2 up to that I can wait playing Killzone 2!

Halo3 MLG Pro4713d ago

LMAO. You hate on MW2 yet your playing Killzone 2 that pretty much steals every thing about the COD franchise? LMAO.

Anyway, If you see me on the other team Sanzee, just go ahead and leave the game because you have no chance. ;)

nix4713d ago (Edited 4713d ago )

just like 10/10 for GTA IV. wow... over-hyped games makes "reviewers" go blind.

vhero4713d ago

Still this game shouldn't have been released with the war going on in Afghanistan you can't help but think IW are cashing in on that and thats BAD TASTE. Making money out of UK and US soldiers dying for our countries.

enviable274713d ago (Edited 4713d ago )

How is this game a 9.5 with a 5hr campaign? I guess nobody cares about single player anymore : /

nix4713d ago

well.. if it was PS3 exclusive game...

too short.
brings nothing new.
poor graphics (sudden endless comparision to U2).
crappy online.


but how can anyone give low score to holier-than-thou-MM2 game.

hypocrites, that's all there is.

Montrealien4713d ago

great game, a few people seemed to want it last night at my store.

4Sh0w4713d ago

Even better reveiw, you guys are lucky your not away for work like me. I'll be home Wednesday so that's when I'll get my first crack at the game, damm I hate enduring the wait while listening to friends and reading all the great reviews.

Mr Logic4713d ago

I'm sure MW2 is great, but how can you give MW2 and UC2 a 10 in graphics?

steck674713d ago

Exactly. Yet IGN gave Killzone 2 a 9.5 in graphics. IGN needs to get their eyes checked.

lowcarb4713d ago

SO tired of hearing all of the if it were on PS3 it would of scored terrible or the campaign is to short excuses. Just by the freaking game or quit whining and go play the best games in the world uc2 or kz2 lol.

Maddens Raiders4713d ago (Edited 4713d ago )

so UC2 graphics are (at least as good) as MW2's??

Do ya think people are that slow? (apparently so...) how does that little jingle go again? oh yeah: IGN & Activision sittin' in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g....

IGN this is simply bad, bad comedy.

Montrealien4713d ago (Edited 4713d ago )

*looks above*

Sorry to tell you, but yeah, MW2 is on par to Uncharted 2 and its at a steady 60fps to boot. Uncharted 2 is a birdie on this gen`s graphical course, however Modern Warfare 2 is on par. Uncharted 2 is a great looking game however it is far from perfect though, you (enthusiasts) need to be reminded that the PS3 is just a great console, not the secong coming of graphical christ. Ever see shadows and bushes draw in at 30 feet or so in front of you when you turn around? I have in Uncharted 2.

Maddens Raiders4713d ago (Edited 4713d ago )

i looked closely at your pic and was amazed by what I saw!

syanara4712d ago

the graphics are good in this game, FROM AFAR when you start to get close they look plain UGLY and HORRIBLE and I cannot stress that enough. there is no reason this should be able to even come close to comparing to uncharted 2, BORDERLANDS had way better graphics then this and THAT is saying something. HAVE YOU ALL LOST YOUR HEADS I MEAN LOOK AT THIS IMAGE!!
how can you call that good? just tell me HOW? (i know this was meant for console comparasion.)

now i know all the other things about this game outweigh the graphics and taht its not that important but the graphics are SOMETHING but yes they do look good from far away like the scenery shots and what not.

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Close_Second4713d ago (Edited 4713d ago ) that its too expensive given the short single player campaign and the multiplayer lobby sounds inept. I want advanced search options and not the automated ones.

Try multiplayer gaming in New Zealand and you'll understand why I want a better lobby system!

Other than that I'll bet the game is a hell of a lot of fun but single player ain't worth the asking price and multiplayer lag ruins almost any on-line gaming experience.

Ask yourself, if you can't play on-line (and a lot of console gamers still don't), is the single player really worth the current retail price? Single player only = rental.

hobo kicker4713d ago

Halo3 is right Sanzee just leave because you can not kill that which has no life...

MajestieBeast4713d ago (Edited 4713d ago )

Does halo mlg even play games after being here all day.

Mista T4713d ago

I thought they said the leaked review was fake? seems like the review was true....

Feral Gamer4713d ago (Edited 4713d ago )

I pity the fool

theEnemy4713d ago

like they will admit their mistakes.

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