IGN UK: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 UK Review

IGN UK writes: "How on Earth do you review a game like Modern Warfare 2? A behemoth of a game set to be the biggest entertainment launch of 2009 (and possibly 2010) by a country mile. A 200lbs school bully whose intimidating bulk pushed a dozen weedier triple-A titles into 2010. The most-anticipated game of the year – the decade, even, if you believe the TV ad's breathless hyperbole. The sequel to the 13 million-plus-selling original with a Metacritic rating of 94% and an IGN score of 9.4. A media event with no less than 35 videos already sitting on IGN's servers and 102 features. Google takes 0.12 seconds to find 38 and a half million hits. And that's a long time for Google. And it's not even been released yet. How? You sit down. And you play it."

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crematory3723d ago

can i ask you whats your goty norms?
how you decide its a goty..please tell me:)

wicked3723d ago

I would go along with that. Just by the number of people that will have a copy and so be voting for it. I finished it last night on Hardened, I did enjoy it, story was good if a bit short. I finished it in 7 hours, still lots more to do mind you, multi player & special ops.

Natsu X FairyTail3722d ago

Hey wicked

can we play co-op story from on one console?

Great score by the way.

theEnemy3722d ago

360? Yes.

PC? Maybe.

PS3? Hell No.

SL1M DADDY3722d ago

For the Xbox Official Magazine perhaps. To all other unbias media it will be a high ranked contender but not the true GOTY.

anh_duong3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

don't stop there at GOTY..

i reckon COD:MW2 is game of computing era - or best game since the Big Bang... lol

btw: you are slacking, you haven't said GOTY in this article

360CommunityAbovePS33722d ago


There's no competition for MW2 this Year

The Meerkat3722d ago

GOTY is a game the whole world wants to play.
That all your mates have.
That will stay in you console for months on end.
That makes you shout 'Yeah!' at the screen in your best Ving Rhames voice.
That make you forget to eat.
That has people in supermarkets at Midnight.

CODMW2 is the 2009 GOTY

Mindboggle3722d ago

Anyone in the UK see how packed the stores were for this game. I had to go to 5 different stores to get it.

Its easily the biggest launch of a game ive ever seen. Im not joking during lunchtime in sainsburys there were 100+ people trying to buy COD, but all they had were PC versions left, and a few Wii versions. All PS3 and 360 were gone before 12 mid day.

Sainsburys were also selling PS3's at £199 and wii's at £120, and they were flying off shelves during lunchtime.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

I'm gonna go ahead and say what most people already know (or at least suspect) about the "hate" being directed at Modern Warfare 2: much of it is coming from PS3 fans who had their hearts set on seeing Uncharted 2 win GOTY.

It's really that simple.

red2tango3722d ago

lol mw2 is great but i just finished uncharted 2 and that is THE GOTY

anh_duong3722d ago

sarcasm doesn't travel very well over the internet..

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

I think both Uncharted 2 and Modern Warfare 2 are great games, but some people are far too attached to a particular console/brand and always feel the need to talk up its exclusives.

Trying to pretend that Modern Warfare 2 is "lame" and "nothing new" just makes people look desperate and bitter.

vhero3722d ago

gotta love how 360 fanboys pick this for GOTY and have no faith in their "exclusives" to net that prestigious award including Halo. Just shows how far PS3 has come and how better the games for it has been this year.

redsquad3722d ago

No competition out there for you maybe - I'll certainly grant you that.

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cronaldo73722d ago

"A 200lbs school bully whose intimidating bulk pushed a dozen weedier triple-A titles into 2010."

enough said

va_bank3722d ago

There are better games out there, but this WILL BE GOTY, at least according to all major gaming publications.

By selecting this as the best game of 2009, IGN, Gamespot, G4TV etc., will make sure that they have all the bases covered. If they picked a PS3 game, they would alienate the 360 fanbase and vice versa. This way they'll even keep the appearance that they cater to PC gamers as well.

Of course they will have other games as winners in other categories. U2 for graphics, AC2 for best sequel and so on.

Karum3722d ago

MW2 will definitely be given GOTY by some gaming media outlets, as will Uncharted 2. Is there a single award though that is recognised on an international level for GOTY type awards?

Edews3722d ago

Lovely reader score on the PC version. lmao

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