IGN AU: Modern Warfare 2 Review

Modern Warfare 2 is absolutely one of the most rounded gaming packages of 2009. The single player campaign – while not long – is well-paced, with plenty of variety in settings and gameplay, and will definitely be a steep challenge on the harder difficulty levels. The multiplayer component is fully featured, with an expansive set of modes and maps, and it's great to see persistent stats returning. Rounding it out is Spec Ops, which is very much the icing on the cake. Take all that, present it with gorgeously realised visuals and plenty of polish and you've got – what else – a must-play Call of Duty title from Infinity Ward.

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Madusha3721d ago

It will definitely be a competitor for GOTY, the battle is with Uncharted 2 IMO

9.4, a perfect score we all have to agree with. The anticipation of Modern Warfare 2 has been MASSIVE. In New Zealand, big lines started forming from early in the morning and the game was pretty much sold out.

Very good review :D