David Cage: "Why are so many people obsessed with sex?"

GamesThirst: You want to sell something? Then put sex in it; that's the society we live in today, shallow I might add, since life is way more than naked ladies strolling across your TV screen. Especially in video games, some developers carelessly plaster naked women at different points with no tie-in whatsoever as if to say, 'here, that's what you want, then here, indulge.' David Cage feels the same way, and in a recent interview with Eurogamer, he shared his thoughts.

Eurogamer: You said you were not afraid to show nipples. Does that mean you're confirming nipples in Heavy Rain?

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Blaze9293721d ago

Why are United States citizens so ashamed of sex should be the real question. Over here it's treated like freakin taboo which is why we will more than likely get a censored version of the game. ITS NATURAL, its! Big whoop.

Prototype3721d ago

I'll pay extra if there's lesbian action :D

Anorexorcist3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

Sex is looked upon as such an inappropriate subject (and to little 5-year old children it very well may be) but sh*t, teenagers 13 and older know what the hell a damn clitoris is!!!

It is so stupid how blowing off a person's cranium in a film is considered more social-acceptable then a hot women's fine a$$.

Sex is the only thing that has sold since the beginning of time, don't you think the human populous would have accepted it as a norm by now???

RememberThe3573721d ago

1. It feels GREAT!

2. It's a social bonding mechanism. We are the only primates aside from bonobos who use sex for other reasons other than reproduction.

That's all I got...

ThanatosDMC3721d ago

It feels good. It releases endorphins and keeps the blood flowing... errr... though it does take a toll on your body after a while (for guys).

Random fact: Did you know there are people that argued any form of sex is rape?

cLiCK_sLiCK93721d ago

The two pleasures in life are:
2. SEX!!!

Its almost like asking why people like food so much.

AKNAA3721d ago

"Why are United States citizens so ashamed of sex should be the real question"

I don't think their ashamed of sex, just the inappropriate age range Having sex. I mean, seriously, 14-16 yrs. old getting pregnant and sh1t is just so wrong... Kids having children, yeah, I'd be ashamed of my country as well...

ChickeyCantor3721d ago

I think the problem also lies in the way some countries handle the subject.

When you try to censor stuff, people will only rebel against it.

SaiyanFury3721d ago

@ Sidar

I'll agree on that point. To this day, I'm amazed there hasn't been a revolt in Australia over all the censoring that goes on over there. Of course, it's all "for the children". Sex is a natural thing that shouldn't be so taboo.

Leio3721d ago

I think most people only obsessed with hot chicks :)

LazyDevs3721d ago

Well maybe Sony should put sex in their exclusive's and they would sell then.

Bilbo653721d ago

Do you really have nothing better to do?

sikbeta3721d ago

"David Cage: "Why are so many people obsessed with sex?""

Because is Awesome and really addictive

Cage is thinking with his visionary mind and not just like me lol

But the real problem is, why everyone is so shocked when see some kind of nudity or in Videogames or else

ThanatosDMC3721d ago

Maybe David's not getting some or he's tired of "dragonslaying"?

Definition: http://www.urbandictionary....

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naughty573721d ago

They need a wife, I agree. Get married or something.

El_Colombiano3721d ago

This dude is a visionary in terms of gaming.

RememberThe3573721d ago

The way he explains it makes a lot of sense.

"It's not about creating this teenage feeling of 'Oh look, she's naked! It's so funny!' And then laugh like an idiot about it. It's really about her as a character: real, vulnerable. It tells you something about her."

This game is going to blow minds...

spektical3721d ago

sex sells... guys like girls... girls likes guys... whats the problem? ... i have a gf and i love sex ;)

ChickeyCantor3721d ago

Well there is a difference in loving sex and being obsessed.
I also love food, but im not fat either.

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