Manhunt 2 - Bad Memories Trailer

Everybody's got a bad memory of something. At some point, something sears on your mind and you never forget it. In this new video of Manhunt 2, you're bound to remember everything - especially when it involves a lot of blood.

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Ru4783d ago

CooL... Woulda looked CooleR nextGeN

TnS4783d ago

Sure, but the Wii version will be more sick with Wiimote... :)

Ru4783d ago

make a verry good point!

MK_Red4783d ago

TnS has a good point but personally I still wish the game was next-gen (PS3/360). Manhunt with visuals of Gears Of War. Blood one camera!! The trailer is really short and not helpfull enough.

ItsDubC4782d ago

I think in a game like this, a more immersive control scheme such as that provided by the Wiimote will make for a much better game than one w/ just better graphics. I can get eyecandy at the movies.

Eclipticus4782d ago

i played the first one. on Xbox. It was quite disturbing, i dont think i finished past the 3rd level, tho oddly it would only play it on surround sound in the dark. I'm sure with the wiimote. the whole thing will be more immersive... and yet i am eager to play this... I think graphically the wii is more than capable of doing the job...