IGN: Modern Warfare 2 Combat Controller Hands-On

IGN writes: "Back in August when IGN Gear got an exclusive first-look at the lineup of Modern Warfare 2 accessories from Mad Catz, it was clear that the Combat Controller was intended to be the flagship product of the series. Even though at that point the product was in its finalization stages, only 70 percent complete, I was able to get a feel for the controller and what Mad Catz was trying to do with it. First and foremost the Combat Controller is a branded thematic product, which Mad Catz applied with rubberized weapons grade handle grips, digital camouflage, green LED backlighting for the thumbsticks, and, of course, the Modern Warfare 2 logo. But beyond the sheer aesthetics of the controller, Mad Catz attempted to add a little extra competitive edge with the bottom-mounted button mapping, which allows users to remap command buttons to two buttons on the bottom panel for easier access."

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