UGOL Excitebike: World Rally Review - All Turbo All the Time

UGO writes: "Give the wheels a good kick, they're from 1985.

Nintendo and Monster Games snuck Excitebike: World Rally under the radar, only announcing the title a few weeks ago. It's a retro remake in a lot of ways - the same classic gameplay of the original Excitebike with an updated look and options that allows players to play how they want to play. It's a remake done right, one that pays tribute while providing enough tweaks to make it a new and updated experience."

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skip2mylou4713d ago

god i loved this game. updated graphics is also a very nice touch i hope it has a camera like the old one did

Subzero200x4713d ago (Edited 4713d ago )

This what people want to spend their time playing nor that repetitive 3d garbage that's come out over the years, because you can only play a game in 3d once without getting tired of for a real ninja gaiden remake or sequel.

ChickeyCantor4713d ago

With awesome Ninja Gaiden trilogy music arrangement...=3....