Modern Warfare 2 Comparisons – A war about nothing

The upcoming release of the sequel to Infinity Ward's monster hit, Call of Duty 4 is creating quite a buzz on internet gaming sites. So is it due to Modern Warfare 2's intense action? The perfect scores already being posted? The controversial airport segment?

Not quite. The internet is abuzz with speculation on which version of Modern Warfare 2 has a miniscule edge, the PS3 or the 360.

The gaming site, Lens of Truth, who apparently persuaded their local Play N Trade to break Modern Warfare 2's street date in order to provide them the opportunity to run the two versions against each other his succeeded again in fanning the flames of fanboyism with their most recent comparison. Lens of Truth are known for pitting both 360 and PS3 versions of the same game through a series of tests to compare how each game stacks up, often coming to eyebrow raising conclusions on which version comes out on top.

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iron_sheik3728d ago

with a slight edge to ps3 in graphics and x360 in frame rate. check cynamite de comparisons

The Creep3728d ago

loool ps3 version hasnt got a slight edge in graphics

it lost on all accounts

graphics, performace, loading tmes and controls

there was alot more than one occasion were the ps33 version was at 30 - 40 fps and the 360 was at 50 - 60. thats around 20 fps difference thats friggin alot.

NO im sorry i will not be getting this on ps3 and il be advising all my friends and people i know to not get this on ps3.

AVOID THE PS3 VERSION LIKE THE PLAGUE unless you only own a ps3 ofcourse =)

HDgamer3728d ago

You're not getting the ps3 version because you don't own a ps3, please stop with all the lies and ignorance supported by pure fanboyish delusions.

Noob3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

And yet this tool hasn't even played either version, smh.

ThanatosDMC3727d ago

The NVG actually works properly! I'll probably get shot if i screw around the neighborhood though. Just be careful and try not to drop it. It doesnt feel durable at all. Basically a kids toy.

Like this:

jadenkorri3727d ago

you must be comparing the first screen shot comparison, the one that was so obviously photoshopped.

Maddens Raiders3727d ago

wake me up when GT5 drops....

the graphics in this game look like butt anyway so who cares what it's on...?

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Bodyboarder_VGamer3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

You have both consoles and you want to buy the best version of the game available, even if its for a little bit, you just want the best... I don't see what's the problem with that.

Anon19743728d ago

If you have no way of verifying the results, how do you know which versions are the best when it's this close. As with most titles these days, when they're this close it's like the difference between having one thousand dollars and having one thousand dollars and one penny. Who cares?

If you install Tekken on your PS3's harddrive, are you really going to miss that 1.7 seconds difference in load time? In some random FPS, is a 2 fps difference in the drop of frame rate going to matter? A slightly blurry texture on a rock in the background if you pause the game and squint really hard?

Or are other factors like not having to pay for play online, where all your friends play, controller preference, hardware reliability or how much fun the game ultimately is more important than a momentary dip in frames per second that no one will ever notice, and no one will ever actually verify if it's true or not?

Don't get me wrong, if a game is truly inferior on one platform over the other, that's an issue that most respected game reviewers will address, but when it comes down to nitpicking like this - don't you think gamers are truly losing sight of what's really important?

iron_sheik3728d ago

MW2 has no dedicated servers so paying 50$ to pay online isnt a good idea actually
also PS3 version has a very slight edge in graphics with the x360 version having a slight edge in frame rate

you cant go wrong either way but you can easily see the obvious winner if you are short on cash

HDgamer3728d ago

Lol best version, it's the same damn game. If you have friends who's buying it for which console you buy the version they are going to play it on.

Major_Failson3728d ago

PS3 wins on graphics once again just like dragon age origins poor xtards i think they actually believe if a multiplat isnt ported properly to ps3 then the 360 is more powerful LMAO

Face it devs are finding it alot easier now to develop on ps3 and not as many shabby ports of gimped 360 games.

The 360 is like a limp d!ck it just keeps flopping.

Major_Failson3728d ago

And everything was working top notch, one thing i liked in this version was the mobile turrets.It will be a good game to tide me over for bfbc2 and mag

iron_sheik3728d ago

However you can win either way
I would personally choose PSN though since there are no dedicated servers on either platform. I wont pay 50$ for online without dedicated servers

Fatal Blow3728d ago

To be honest i can't tell the difference between both the ps3 & xbox360 unless your glued next to your tv lol come on guy's who cares as long as we all can play the game and no one console has exclusives items it's all good

Darkeyes3728d ago

It all looks well and good if one takes off the fanboy googles. The simple answer to all these comparisons is just for hits. Who doesn't want to see probably the biggest game of the year runs better on which console.. With that said, I hate it when comparisons fail to put both consoles on their best settings while comparing. How hard is it to turn on the RGB and super white features on the PS3? Thanks to Cynamite, we at least came to know that changing a setting can mean the difference between pale and good colors...

The fact still remains that both games look really similar and hats off to IW for that (still pissed at AV though). I will probably wait for Digital foundry to pass the verdict as they always seem to know what they are talking about, but either ways if you end up even with one on any console, it won't mar your experience in any ways. This isn't 2007 so grow up. A crack missing when zoomed in at 250% doesn't really account to which version is superior....

I really loled when LOT compared frames where PS3 averages 58.5 FPS and 360 averaged 59 and declared 360 a winner, I mean seriously is someone even going to notice that!!??? Just flaming the fanboys thats all....

Ju3727d ago

With that game, any comparison is a political problem. It is one of the most over-hyped games this year and it will be hard to argue if this is the best game or not simply because of the shear amount of numbers it'll sell and how many fans it has. Objectivity in that respect will be hard to achieve.

That said, I can only see a political correct answer here, and that is, whatever difference there is, its negligible. Its those tiny things which are getting amplified into extremes. On both sides. Those differences have no impact on a game play what so ever, and eventually it simply boils down to everybody's personal preference.

Personally I think the game will appeal more to the 360 shooter fans, but with, what, 2M vs. 1.5M (just to demonstrate a distribution here) sold its hard to argue, if that is really the case. Could simply be the install base; but I think the PS3 audience is more diverse (but that's just an opinion). And its definitively the biggest 360 title this year (not counting Halo ODST which sells over its name, no matter what - but another shooter).

I have yet to get it, and I am still on the fence. The shots and videos look awesome. I haven't played CoD4 that much, and its not my favorite game (play it for the DM usually). Kotick, and that terrorist shooting scene turn me off, TBH (that was totally unnecessary - total war propaganda). We'll see. Maybe later.

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